Do you train to race, or race to train?

Quite an interesting question – Do you train to race, or race to train?

I’ve come to realise, that whilst I love taking part in events, the real reason I do them is to keep myself motivated to train. Events give me the reason to get out of bed at 630 in the morning to train, and the answers to the gremlins that want me to take a night off.

In the last few weeks, and especially this week I’ve kind of lost some of the motivation which gets me training 5-6 days a week. This is simply because I’ve got no ‘races’ ahead of me, and haven’t even thought of next years goals or races yet.

The only event type thing I have next year as a definite plan is walking the West Highland Way in April, but that’s ages off and training for it will probably just involve a few hill, Forrest or trail walks in the months before it.

This time last year I set myself the goal of doing 2 x 5 week slots of training with the aim to complete a half marathon after each 5 weeks of training. However, when my first long training run was 12 miles, I decided to aim for the big one: my first marathon distance.

Around 6 weeks of training and I was ready for it. I ran 26.2 miles up Loch Lomond and back in early November. 🙂 I was well chuffed with myself.

Now what will I do this year? I’m enjoying swimming, but I almost need a reason to do it. Something to train for, a reason to shut the little ba&£@rd gremlins up when they start talking in my ear telling me i don’t want to go swimming.

Here’s the weeks left this year, below. As you can see I’m giving blood on Monday so I’ll need to take it easy in the days following it, but the week after I should be able to pick it up again.

26/09 This week, no real reason to train :-/ – I skived off swimming 3 times!! 😮 the gremlins won, 3 times! 03/10 Give Blood Monday.
10/10 1
17/10 2
24/10 3
31/10 4
07/11 5
14/11 6
21/11 7
28/11 8
05/12 9
12/12 10
19/12 11
26/12 12

8 weeks before the end of November, I could easily do something big the last weekend in November.

I could maybe train to run a set distance, them swim a set distance. They’d need to be challenging… Run a Marathon (or more) then swim the distance you do in a n ironman triathlon? Or swim first? Mmmmmm. How do I decide the distances?

I’ll need to have a think about that one. Any ideas for any up coming events (run and swim, swim or run) which are kind of local? Or would you like to join me in a challenge? Run X, swim Y?


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2 Responses to Do you train to race, or race to train?

  1. I can’t help much with suggesting local events but I’m exactly like you with the need for motivation. I still run without something to train for but I put much more into it when there is a specific event on the horizon. Are you thinking about long distance for next year or maybe revisiting the triathlon? (can you tell I’m loving my bike at the moment!)

    • lornpearson says:

      HI Rose, I think I’m thinking an ultra next year… maybe April and or July… and keep up swimming in my training so I don’t kill myself running. 😉 I should really do a standard triathlon (done a sprint), but the bike part will be tough… 2012 may well be my year for the ultra – with a trial run in the last three months of 2011? (It worked last year when I ran the marathon distance in November 2011). We’ll see. 😀 2012 – Ultra year, 2013 or something – triathlon??

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