Wk38 – Swim Session 4 + some

Monday night – swim night. Swim Session 4 involved a lot more kicking and less continuous swimming that Swim Session 3 which had the 1 mile time trial.

I’m going the swim sessions from my Sw Sessions page, and adding on laps of the pool at the end to make the distance 2500m (100 lengths) each time I go (hence the + some in the title).

Swim Session 4, 2500m, 100 lengths. (2100m: 44:03)
50:39, Ave HR: 129, Max HR: 157, Calories: 473.
4 x 100m: FC steady, FC kick, FC fast, FC pull.
8 x 50m: FC kick / BC kick.
6 x 300m: 150m FC fast, 150m FC pull.
6 x 50m: FC swim / FC pull / FC kick.
100m: BC swim.

I swam the full 2500m just faster than on Saturday, and did the 2100m of the swim session 4 in a similar time as I’d done it before in. I’m quite enjoying this swimming, hopefully I’ll keep it up!

As for hydration:
500mls of water throughout the swim.
500mls forgoodness shakes milkshake and 500mls water after.

As for after effects, 2 hours later:
I’m a bit cold… cold hands… cold feet… I’ll probably heat up later on.

Anyway, as for the swim itself, it went fine. The pool was pretty empty. Fit Girl was in doing her 4th swim session too. She’s decided to swim for an hour, mixing up her stroke as she feels like it throughout the swim.

Less structured than my swim session, but a great way for a beginner to recognise progress is to set a time or distance goal and see the improvement each time they go. When I started swimming properly (1999 – 3 mornings a week, 250m FC swim, 250m FC pull, repeat 6 times) I set myself the goal of swimming 120 lengths (3000m) and got the time from 1:20, down to about 54 minutes!

Fit Girl is doing it the other way, setting her time as an hour, and her distance or number of lengths should improve as the more she practices/trains.

This is how Fit GIrl has got on in her one hour sessions:
Swim Session 1: 54 lengths (1350m / 0.84 miles)
Swim Session 2: 64 lengths (1600m / 1 mile!! )
Swim Session 3: 70 lengths (1750m / 1.06 miles)
Swim Session 4: 76 lengths! (1900m / 1.18 miles – including 50m kicking.)

Great progress! She’s doing well. Each time she goes, she does more lengths in the hour and she says it’s getting easier. With swimming, like a lot of things: practice makes perfect. 😀

Now – lets see if I can get out of my bed tomorrow for a run (in the rain). The rain serves me right as I had fully planned to get up this morning to go for a run, but as soon as the alarm went off I decided I deserved a wee lie in. lol.

Here’s the (new) route I was planning on:

8M west end

8M west end

I just hope I can drag my a$$ out of bed tomorrow morning!!

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