Wk37 – Swim Session 3 plus some

Saturday morning I was covering a 2 hour swimming teaching session between 8-10am at Bella, then I was going to go in for a swim.

Some of the kids in the improved class, I’d taught before, and it was a nice feeling when some of them celebrated a little when they realised I’d be taking them. 😀 rewarding or what?

I taught from the side of the pool for about an hour and a half (3 classes), then went in to show them how kicking should be done. 🙂 I assessed that whole class as it needs to be done by next week, and nothing had been ticked off. Easy peasy.

After the classes I ended up getting swimming myself about 10:30. A warm up, 1 mile time trial and a swim/cool down.

Swim Session 3, 2500m, 100 lengths
47:44, Ave HR: 136, Max HR: 154, Calories: 500.
4 x 100m: FC, FC pull, FC, FC kick: 6:12.
64 lengths, 1 mile: 29:00.
250m: FC kick, FC, BC kick, BC, Fly kick, BS.
250m: FC arms.

I’ve swum a mile faster but I finished the full 2500m about 4 mins faster than the other night, so progress there anyway. I might concentrate on swimming longer distances within my 2500m sets, help work on my fitness. (rather than swimming 100m and 200m sets with rests.)

The pool was fine, with between 1-4 people in the lane. 1 woman was faster than me so I let her go last me a few times at the ends, but everyone else was slower than me and lucky for me they let me past.

I had some water throughout it, then a bottle of lucozade and a forgoodness shakes milkshake after it. And a water with lunch. Felt pretty fired still, maybe it’s just a case of getting used to it.

Training in Week 1 after my holidays:
3 runs, 10 miles, 7.3 miles, 5 miles.
3 x 2500m swims. 🙂

I’m back to swimming teaching today after two weekends off. I had a long dream where I was late for it. Lol. I won’t be. It’s the day we assess them and two of the usual teachers are off. Should be fun.

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