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My weight since I started training (June 2008)

In 3 years, I’ve lost nearly a sixth of my weight!!  Since I started exercising properly (June 2008), I’ve lost nearly 11kg, down to 55.9kg and I’m not losing any more (19.8 BMI).  I’ve maintained that weight since March. (The … Continue reading

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Wk37 – 5M winter series with Gill

Thursday morning I met Gill at Bella for a 5 mile run.  My knee had niggled a little on Monday morning (I think partly because my knees were cold as they weren’t covered in the autumnal temperatures)… so I decided … Continue reading

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Pool Etiquette!

Pool Etiquette Overview Experienced drivers know that roads are safer and more efficient when everyone observes a few common courtesies and basic rules. Such things are even more important when there are no explicit signs or signals to tell everyone … Continue reading

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Wk37 – Swim Session 2 + 500m

Wednesday night… straight to Bella after work to do Swim Session 2, plus another 20 lengths to round it up to 100 (2500m). Swim Session 2 + 20 lengths; 2,500m, 100 lengths. Time: 51:01. Warm up: 200m FC swim, 200m … Continue reading

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