Two tosses of a coin and a swim

Tuesday night and I REALLY couldn’t be bothered to go swimming.  There were so many excuses I’d made up:

  • I worked a little late, and it would be 6pm before I got to the pool.
  • I wanted my dinner.
  • I was tired.
  • I didn’t have any water with me (for during the swim).
  • My car was parked 5 minutes away from work, so I’d have to walk to it to get.
  • It was dark, cold and windy.

On my walk to my car, I imagined me going home straight from there. Getting my dinner and sitting on the couch.  And if I really wanted to I could maybe do some ironing (as punishment) for not going to the pool.

When I got in I decided I’d toss a coin and see what happened:  Heads I go swimming, Tails I don’t.

Heads came up (bas!&$d!), so I headed for the pool.  😉

When I got there I put my stuff in a locker and went to find Fit Girl who was supposed to be in the gym.  She had finished in the gym and it ended up I met her in reception.  I explained my predicament of me not wanting to come swimming.  Then with her going home for dinner, it would be so easy to skive swimming and go home for dinner together.

So, I tossed a coin again.  Heads again!  (Damn it!).  So swimming it was.  It must have been fate. 😉

The pool was quite quiet and I managed to get a line along the far wall of the pool for the first 20 or so minutes before a group of beginner swimmers decided they would swim there instead of me.

I hopped into one of the lanes and continued my swim.  All in all, a good session, and I’m glad I went.  My foot was a bit sore on the kicking sets, but ok.  I should just go swimming the next time and forget about tossing a coin or trying to get out of it!!

Here’s what I did:

Swim Session 3, 3000m: 57:07
3 x 400m FC steady, build, fast: 7:04 (24), 7:14 (7), 7:00 (2),
12 x 100m FC with every 3rd 100m faster:
1:40 (5), 1:43 (9), 1:38 (22)
1:44 (5), 1:48 (11), 1:39 (9)
1:47 (8), 1:46 (8), 1:39 (13)
1:50 (9), 1:48 (9), 1:40 (14)
600m by 50m FC kick / 50m FC pull: 12:22

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