Rest before the storm

Thursday night I was meant to be going to the gym to run on the treadmill and perhaps do a kettlebell workout after a haircut. But it didn’t really go that way.

I should have gone straight after the hair dressers but I made the mistake of going back home for dinner first and my ass remained stuck to the couch all night instead. Tut tut. Nevermind.

The dark nights are definitely affecting my training / motivation to get out (at night) and increasing my ability to make up excuses! In the back if my mind I’m saying it’s ok missing last night as I ran on Thursday morning and I have a very long run on Saturday. I’m also thinking rest is good for me. Lol

I still think this training plan is working, even though I’m missing some of the workouts. And I’m pretty sure I need to make sure I try and do at least 1 speed session a week (which is the one I’ve been missing).

Hey Ho. Next week is another week.

I’m looking forward to Saturday anyway. It’s meant to be pouring all morning possibly, so it might be more fun running through puddles with Twinkle Toes (Jackie). Yipee!

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