Wk48 – 5M in the cold and dark with Gill

Wednesday morning and I was ready for my first run since the long one on Saturday.  Bellahouston was closed due to ‘Industrial Action’ so we missed our usual Circuits session and did our 5 mile run instead. 

It was pretty cold out when I left: 5’C or so.  No rain though, and just a little windy.  It was cold in the wind, but otherwise it was ok.

We ran from Bella, through Bella Park (in the dark with a torch), up Nithsdale Road, along Terregles Avenue, Dumbreck Road and back to Bella via Mosspark Boulevard.

It was a nice comfortable pace, but my foot was quite sore from the start.  It seemed to ease off from about 2 miles in, but definately one to watch out for.  My long run on Saturday seems to have reawoken and disgruntled the muscle I strained a little when I went over it on the West Highland Way almost 3 weeks ago.  I think I’ll stay off running this week to give it more rest. :-S 

I am sort of wondering if my legs can put up with all these mega miles (the ones I’m running in one go). My head and my cardio can, but my ankle / leg seems to have a few issues with it.  I guess time will tell, but I’m thinking I’m not going to wreck my legs in order to run mega distances.

Anyway, back to this morning’s run:  5 miles, nice and steady.  Very comfortable for me.  Gill felt she was going slow, but she was doing well.  Nice wee progressive mile splits as follows: 

1: 9:17, 2: 9:16, 3: 9:12, 4: 9:10, 5: 8:57.

Gill always pushes it on the last mile, but I’ve suggested she might want to try and push it from maybe mile 2 onwards and see how she gets on.  You can make up for lost time in the last mile, but if you run faster over the whole run, you’ll probably get a pb. 

Speed work is required here I think if she wants to get faster (which she does).

Run: 5 miles, 45:53, Pace: 9:09  Calories: 372.
Ave HR: 136 (72%), Max HR: 153 (81%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.8

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