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Yummy porridge

I thought I’d let you know about a new porridge I’m eating just now. It’s yummy and makes a change from the plain stuff I’m used to. This Alpen blueberry, cranberry and nuts porridge is really tasty. A little bit … Continue reading

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More calories to consume

So, following on from my ‘ Watching my calorie burn vs intake ‘, and after running 12.6 miles yesterday I figured I deserved quite a big breakfast to keep me going (I usually just have porridge and OJ): Porridge, two slices … Continue reading

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Mashed Potato, Oat and Honey mix

Ok, so I read somewhere that runners who do Ultra marathons tend to rely on actual food to fuel their runs, instead of just gels and energy drinks (like I have done for training for and completing marathon distances). As … Continue reading

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