Wk47 – 33.33M around Glasgow

I’m going to make this short in bits but probably long all together. I hope you’ll like it.

Today I ran my longest and perhaps hardest run yet: 33.33 miles around Glasgow in windy, wet horrible conditions. (It might have been just slightly easier than running 31 miles, half of which was run through pain / an injury – only just).


Here goes:

Alarm went off at 5:50am.
Up out if bed at 6:05am.
Dark, cold, wet outside.
Dressed, then breakfast of porridge and milk.
Vitamins, medication and 2 x pro plus.
Wake up.
Hello trainers – get ready to get wet, and dirty.
Out the front door: 6:37am.
Cold, dark, wet, pretty miserable out.
Start running along Govan Road.

3/4 length shorts.
Compression top and t-shirt.
Buff around my neck and spare buff
White gore cap.
Trusty saucony paramount trainers.
Water pack filled with water and 6 caffeine SIS gels.
Garmin but no camera as it didn’t have a charge. (So not many photos today – sorry) iPod nano with my tunes, 1 ear in so I can hear what’s around me too.

Ears cold as running, pull extra buff over them.
First mile 8:10 pace, need to slow it down a bit.
Run past the BBC, up towards Kelvingrove Park.
Next 6 miles around 8:40ish pace: ideal.
Took 4-5 miles to get into it.
Running into a very dark Kelvingrove Park.
Wondering what the hell I’m doing.
Light up my torch to see where I’m going.
No one around until a lady walking a dog comes in the other direction.
Say hello, she says a rather nervous hello back.
Windy as F, but not raining too much.
Meet another dog walker.
Go Through some puddles.

About an hour in and it’s slowly getting lighter.
Run up to where the path splits up to Milngavie.
For some unknown reason I go up towards Milngavie.
A bit later I realise my mistake and turn back around.
First wrong turn of the day adds 1.3 miles on.
Blame it on the darkness.
No harm done.
6.2 miles in, about 50 minutes.
Good good.

Up to the Forth and Clyde canal near Maryhill.
Take my first energy gel and water.
An hour in and morning has broken.
Manage a nice steady 8:41 min miles for miles 5, 6 and 7.
Sweet, brings a smile to my face.
Flat long straights, windy, wet.
Through some more puddles.
Best not to avoid them now.

10 miles in I get a niggle in my right foot and ankle.
The one I went over 2 weeks ago.
Run through it.
Seems to ease off.
Take another gel.
See some more dog walkers.
Up to Clydebank, left at the big bike.
Away from the canal.
13 miles in, on bike path, ankle niggles again.
Grin and bear it.
Seems to ease off again.
Sign says 7 miles to Glasgow, it better not be!

Nice steady comfortable pace between 8:20 to 8:30s.
Looking forward to running with Jackie.
Closer to Glasgow, through Yoker.
Sign says 2.75 miles to SECC, phew.
Run past the new Transport Museum.
Right through a big deep puddles which fills the path.
Fun running through puddles.
Windy as F again next to the Clyde.
Pass a male runner who looks at me but doesn’t want to talk.
He doesn’t look too pleased to be out in this.
Take my third gel.
Run past the helipad again and down towards the BBC.

Cross the Millenium Bridge, nearly get blown over.
Decide to run straight to Jackie’s.
Along Govan Road.
Try a short, trying to get the Jackie’s on a more direct route.
End up in a dead end Industrial Estate. :-/
Second wrong turn of the day. Duh
I know where I am and power on anyway.
Now 10-20 minutes late for meeting Jackie. :-/

Get to Jackie’s after 4:30 / 19.5 miles.
Stop my Garmin.
Go in, refill my water pack and restock my bum bag thing with three more gels. Start running with Jackie. 🙂
Her route, 12 ish miles
Good fun, good chat.

Pass the Southern General.
Then the stinky yard whatever it is.
Blame Jackie on the smell. Lol 😉
Run towards Braehead and Renfrew.
Wind is strong and against us.
It’s like running uphill on flat. :-/
9 ish minute miles.
Comfortable running at Jackie’s pace but ankle niggling.
Ignore it, seems to ease off.
Run through some more puddles.
Remind (and thank) Jackie she taught me to run through puddles. 🙂
Good chat with Jackie.
Start to not know where I am.
Following Jackie’s lead.

Run to the bridge in Renfrew before we go offload next to the Golf Course on the Clyde.
Grateful the wind is kind of behind us now.
Let go a bit and let it push me along. 🙂
25 miles in. 5.5 miles for Jackie.
Starting to find it hard.
Chat about my next long run.
Jackie knows the West Highland Way and suggests I run north from Tyndrum for 20 miles, then back for stunning views and good trails.
Appreciate her advice as always.
Marathon distance in about 3:50.
Good going.
Past the big ships on the Clyde and past Braehead.
28 miles in, 5 miles ish to go.
Jackie’s 9 miles in, she’s doing her longest run since July.
I appreciate she’s working hard.

4:15 in.
Start to feel hunger pangs.
Drink more water.

Past Ikea, wind picks up again.
Both of us heads down, digging deep.
Comfortable silence as we both know we’re working hard.
Run back down the road towards the Southern General (the one that felt like an uphill going out).
Get a bit of rest as the wind is behind us again.
Hanging on in there.
Say to Jackie that if I can pick up the pace after I leave her, that’s be a real test for me.
Pass the smelly bit again ‘Jackie!!!’ 😉
Get to Jackie’s at 31miles in (11.5 for Jackie)
Hug Jackie and start to run home.
It’s about 2-2.5 miles to go.
I can do it.

Put my iPod in again, both ears this time.
Head down.
Switch off sort of.
Wind behind me.
Pushing me along, thankfully.
Rain swirling around and really windy.
Past Ibrox Stadium.
Weather wild.
Onto Paisley Road West.
1 mile to go, roughly.
I can do it.
Keep going.
Think it might be more like 33.25 miles.
Might as well round it up to 33.33 miles.
Weirdo, rounding up to .33.

Past Co-op and lots of shoppers looking at me funny? (I think).
Side step them.
Keep going.
Eminem comes on.
Good song to keep me going.
Come on, nearly there.
Last 2-3 miles 9 minute miles ish.
Managed to pick up the pace a little.
Probably helped along by the wind and my music.

Close to home.
Garmin strikes 33 miles.
Keep going.
Pick up pace a little.
Not long to go.
33.25 miles in.
Come on.
I can do it.
Traffic lights at red, I can cross ok.
At the flat, Garmin reads 33.2 miles.
Keep going… 33.3, 33.31, 33.32.

My longest run ever.
Oweee, sore legs.
Recovery starts now.
Stretch outside the flat.
Weather is horrible.
After stretching I go upstairs.
Starting to feel cold.
Take off dirty wet trainers.

Mix up mars bar milkshake and drink.
Drink raspberry lucozade.
Strip, shower, dry off.
Lips blue, whole body shivering.
Get dressed in warm stuff, dry my hair.
Update friends and Facebook from my phone.
Thank Jackie.
Foot sore.
Legs sore.
Back sore.
Elbows sore (?!) lol
Stretch again.
Feel like crap.
Cold set into bones.
Wonder why I do this.
Pleased with accomplishing it though.

Wonder if I can do ultras?
Got the mental attitude for it.
Can do the cardio bit.
Only thing maybe holding me back is my legs.
Trails will probably be easier than what I put myself through today.
Mind over matter.
I think I might just be able to do this. 🙂
(The Highland Fling in April: 53 miles of trails on the West Highland Way).

Foot still sore – perhaps to be expected after 33.33 miles.
Pleased. 🙂

Taken out for lunch at the Brooklyn Cafe.
Sitting next to a radiator, thankfully.
Pea n smoked bacon soup.
Nice n warming, a bit salty.
Ribeye steak with poached egg, tomato and chips.

Can’t eat it all.
Seem to have lost my appetite (or I’m full!).
Warmed up at last.
Peeing far too much?

Quick wee shopping trip.
Bursting for the toilet again.
Back home for a nap.
Been to the toilet about 8 times now, perhaps too much water?
Legs throbbing.
Head stuffy.
Foot still sore.
RICE and recovery for my foot.
Hungry again. 🙂

Legs should be ok tomorrow.
Thanks to Jackie for joining me.
Longest run yet. 🙂
Pretty pleased with myself x 😀

Run: 33.33 miles, 4:53, Pace: 8:48, Calories: 2,297.
Ave HR: 154 (81%) Max HR: 191 (101%). Garmin Training Effect: 4.1. http://connect.garmin.com/activity/130961442

Still smiling after 33.33 miles. 🙂

Here’s the route:


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3 Responses to Wk47 – 33.33M around Glasgow

  1. Murray says:

    Well done pal. Amazing!

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