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How to: Intermittent Fast

I’ve been intermittent fasting now since August 2012 and am pleased to say I’ve successfully made it an everyday (or weekly) part of my lifestyle. So much so, a few people have asked for my advice on how to get … Continue reading

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Take Care of Yourself: Part 2: Eat Well

In my second part of my Take Care of Yourself series, today I’m looking at how to Eat Well. Remember this all stems from something a very wise and lovely lady once said to me… ‘Take care of yourself: Eat … Continue reading

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I’m going Paleo…

So… the book I’m reading at the moment is the Paleo Solution, a rather humerous book about the original human diet.  How to use your diet to lose fat and stay young, and avoid diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease … Continue reading

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I eat around every 2 hours…

I’ve written a little about what (and how regularly) I eat before on here and I thought I’d give you a taster of what an every day of eating is like for me.  The premise of my eating is:  A … Continue reading

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Day 2 Two Week Food Test

Day 2 on the Two Week Food Test was surprisingly ok.  I ate the same sorts of things as I did on day 1, plus a banana before my spin workout(s) at night.  (I’ve read that bananas are a no … Continue reading

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Wiped out after my long run….

Whole body tired.   Calves feel like bricks.  Slightly stiff shoulders.  Very hungry tummy.  That’s how I feel today: my long run hangover continues.  🙂 It’s two days after my long run on Saturday and I’m not actually too sore.  But … Continue reading

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I’m pretty tired after the long run effort on Saturday.  On Sunday I was starving quite a bit of the day.  Had my breakfast as usual (big bowl of frosties – a bit different than porridge), then lunch (chicken and … Continue reading

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