Wk16 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night and everything was still sore, my hamstrings especially. Sore hands and forearms, I even found it hard to squeeze a squeeze mayonnaise bottle earlier. Lol.

Luckily I didn’t really need to use my hands or arms. The only bits that hurt in spin were my hamstrings and my lower back.

Anyway, enough moaning about self inflicted delayed onset muscle soreness!!

The first class was ok, it’s still hard but I’ve got used to the tracks so I know what’s coming up and how and when to take it easy when I need to.

I was about half an hour into the first class and I was thinking maybe that I wouldn’t do the second class. But I hung around for it.

And I’m glad I did. Helen changed the tracks and the workout so it was more of a surprise/challenge.

As usual I worked harder in the first class, but I’m ok with that.

Spinfit 1: ave HR: 133 Max HR: 157, calories: 500.
Spinfit 2: ave HR: 119, Calories: 450.

Oh and, the garden? I came home tonight to find Mrs Ratty lying dead on the deslabbed area I’d cleared.

It appears she went for messages yesterday, feeling a little sick, but she came back today only to find that her house had disappeared! Still feeling ill she crawled into a wee ball and died. 😀

Progress. Hopefully this means they won’t be back. I put some extra poison down just to be sure.

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