WK15 – 5M Pollock Park with Gill

Thursday night was a nice wee 5 mile run with Gill. We ran from Ibrox up Haggs Road into Pollock Park, up and down ‘that’ hill and out the park the other exit.

Gill has done a marathon in the past, a few 10ks and half marathons and she’s entered the Loch Ness Marathon in October so I offered to run with her.. a bit of company for any runs she does.  I think she just maybe needs to learn to compete against only herself, relax and try to enjoy running a bit more.

She was a little worried that she’d be too slow, but I run at any pace, I don’t mind. Sometimes I just like being with people and getting a chat. 🙂  Hopefully she’ll not worry from now on. I think that everyone has their own pace and shouldn’t be pushed beyond it by others.

We stopped a few times for traffic, and did the 5 miles in about 49 mins.  I’d like to help Gill achieve her goals if she wants me to. She seemed to enjoy the run anyway.

Run: 5 miles, 49 minutes, Pace: 9:18, Calories 490.
Ave HR: 138 (73%), Max HR: 153 (81%)

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