Wk15 – 5k PB Race Pace Tempo run

With the 10k coming up in 2 weeks, I’m trying to think about what pace I want to run it at. I’ve been working so hard all year on marathon training, and a slower pace that I haven’t really pushed my speed.

Now, after completing a marathon (in 22’C heat) and a half marathon with PBs this year so far, my focus is on trying to improve my 10k time. I finished my first women’s 10k race in 2009 in 48:15, and have since then run a 46:22 minute 10k. Ideally I’d like to get a 45 minute 10k… but I’m not sure (after all of my training for a marathon)…that I will be able to do it in two weeks time. If I don’t I’ll just try it on my own maybe do a time trial every 3-4 weeks.

With two weeks to go my focus is going to be on trying to iron out my speed and tempo runs. To see what my race pace for the 10k should be. Ideally I’d like to start a little slower, increase the pace and finish strongly, but I need to find what pace I’ll be comfortable at. Having run slower long runs in my training and found my comfortable pace over long distances to be between 8:00 and 8:30 minute miles…I need to try out going faster over shorter distances and see what happens.

On Thursday morning I managed to knock out 3 x 7:00 (7:02, 7:11, 7:08) minute miles in a speed workout where every even mile was faster, but I didn’t think I could hold that pace for 10k. Ideally for a 10k I’d like to run the first 2 miles conservatively, but still fast, increase over the middle 2 miles then give it my all for the last 2.2 miles, without burning out!

Sunday morning I did a fast 5k…to see how fast I could actually run over the the distance. All out…as fast as I could…. it should take between 21 – 24 minutes. I used to run 5ks in about 23-24 minutes, so it would be interesting to see how fast I could actually go.

Mile 1: 6:45

I started out probably too quickly (above 10mph for the first minute or so!), but felt ok so kept it going reducing the pace slightly after about 2 minutes. I was running along quiet back streets, so no traffic and not much to avoid.

Mile 2: 6:52

Across Paisley Road West into the football traffic (Old Firm game on – Rangers v Celtic – I was about half a mile from Ibrox stadium at this point)… I ran through the rangers supporters and at one point had to shout at a row of 5 fans filling up the pavement to move out of my way…. they moved quickly and didn’t slow me down at all. I think they were surprised to be honest. lol. By this point I had seen about 10 police officers…and maybe 30 football fans.

I was starting to feel the pace, but got over half way in 10:30 and felt good. I should probably beat 22 minutes.

Mile 3.1: 7:12

Into Festival Park and a wee loop of it… I passed yet more police officers… in total I probably passed about 25. I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. I powered on out of the park and along Govan Road. 0.3 to go, 0.2.. push on…. 0.1. I did the last tenth of a mile in 40 seconds (6:48 pace)

Run: 5k, 21:31, Pace: 6:52, 8.7mph, Calories: 305
Ave HR: 177 (93%), Max HR: 190 (100%) (heart rate monitor was slipping at the start).

A PB by quite a way! I stopped and felt a little sick… running fast is hard work. But I soon recovered to realise that I had just recorded my third PB of the year so far!! All of this marathon training really has paid off!!

Oh and at the end Paula Radcliffe came on my ipod and told me I had just recorded my fastest mile ever. 😉 Thanks Paula.

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