Wk15 – 10k speed session, plus 1.4M cool down

Thursday morning and I managed to get out of my bed for about 6:20am.

I was out the door for 6:40am and the weather wasn’t as pleasant as the night before.  A little cloudy, but not too chilly.  Loving this Spring stuff!

I wore my nike shorts and my new bright livestrong t-shirt.  I wasnt exactly sure of my route, but was aiming to do most of the 10k route and would see what would happen.

I ran the mile up to meet the women’s 10k route on Nithsdale Road in 8:12, nice and steady and decided I should try a speed session since I hadn’t done one in a while.

I’d pick up the pace for each even mile and recover on every odd mile.  I had thought about doing the whole 10k fast, but decided a speed workout would be better at this stage.

The splits were as follows: 

I felt good throughout and felt like I was flying on the first fast mile… I think it was possibly one of the fastest miles I’ve ever done! (7:02)… it got a little harder after that, but I still managed to push it when I needed to.

My heart rate was surprisingly level after the 1st fast mile… look at the graph (mile 3 HR).  😀  (and mile 4 come to think of it with that big hill in Pollock Park!)

I got to 10k on Maxwell Drive and stopped the watch at 47:00 minutes exactly: 7:34 minute miles.  🙂  I’ll use this route now as a time trial route and in practice for the women’s 10k in a few weeks time.

The music I was listening to got me thinking about maybe making up a short playlist of brilliant songs to run to for the 10k… about 45-50 minutes worth of good fast running tunes followed by nice relaxing and feel good tunes.

I think the Foo Fighters, The Prodigy and Eminem might be favourites for the list. 🙂  I’ll make it up soon and post it on here.

Run: 10k (6.2M), 47:00, Pace: 7:34, Calories: 618
Ave HR: 167 (88%), Max HR: 193 (102%).

Recovery run: 1.41M, 11:51, Pace: 8:22, Calories: 139.
Ave HR: 162 (85%), Max HR: 176 (93%)
(Heart rate graph for recovery run below:)

I’ve got 5 miles tonight with a friend so that will be about 12.5 miles and 1300 calories in total. 😀

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