Wk16 – 4.3M morning run

Having spent 6 hours working in the garden yesterday… a workout I am definately not used to… I was in two minds as to whether I should go for a run this morning or not. I had sore feet from some blisters which have reappeared, and ache all over…let see where… my back, my shins, my back, my forearms, my fingers, my hands, my hamstrings.

Gardening on Bank Holiday was good. Unfortunately we live close to a river and some rats set down burrows last year.  We killed them off by getting the Council to lay rat poison/traps, but the burrows were still there. So this year the inevitable happened and the rats returned. 😦

On Friday I laid down rat poison and on Monday I decided it would be a good time to try and lift the slabs and see what damage the rats had made. 

I came across a dead rat as I lifted the slabs, and got a fright as I turned around and noticed it. No harm done. I bagged it up and binned it.  Their wee tunnels have well and truly been trampled down now and filled in.

Hopefully they won’t be back!! I did a lot of sweeping up of leaves, soil and garden waste, and lifted quite a few slabs, then filled the hole the rats had made with the waste.  I got a bit of help from a neighbour, and whilst he attacked a horrible overgrown bush I started on removing overgrown weeds and nettles….ouch… I got stung a few times!!! >:-/  The photo shows how I left it.

Anyway, this is NOT a blog about gardening… it’s about my training…so back to my run on Tuesday morning.

I have 2 working days this week (Tuesday, Wednesday) and I had planned to run both of them.  Today was meant to be another fast one, but I thought I’d take it easy and save my fast effort for Wednesday 10k time trial.

I did my usual Monday morning run up to Maxwell Park and back. The sun had risen a while before I left the flat at 6:45, but the morning looked very pretty. I started running pretty conservatively and immediately felt my feet sore where the blisters had been. I initially thought to turn back, but I’d got this far so I may as well keep going.

I kept running and was pleased when I did the first mile in 8:15. The next mile was a little slower, but I didn’t mind. Then from there on, I was getting into it and my pace increased until the end.

I was trying my new 10k playlist out… most of them are good, although I am dropping Pink Who Knew, and Snow Patrol Chocolate. I think I can get better motivational songs with good beats to get me round the 10k faster. I’ll post the final playlist once I’ve updated it. Eminem Lose Yourself was a good song with a good beat to run to and I thought I’d use that when I was running the 4th mile up the hill in Pollock Park (about 30-32 mins in).

It was a nice morning anyway, and a nice run. I finished in 35:35 and felt great after it. I was so glad I’d decided to run this morning (as I always am when I drag my ass out of bed before work).

My aches (back, arms, shins etc) weren’t that sore either because I’ve obviously worked muscles which I don’t tend to use for running.

Run: 4.33M, 35:35, Pace: 8:10, Calories: 436
Ave HR: 145 (76%) Max HR: 156 (82%)

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