Wk15 – 11M with Julie Ann

Saturday morning and I had planned an 8-12 mile run with Julie Ann out at hers in Houston. I got there for just before 9am. I hadn’t had my usual caffeine lucozade I have before long runs as we had run out, so I’d had porridge, gatorade and a caffeine gel. The result was a rather wishy washy tummy. But it settled down after I started running.

I like running with Julie Ann as we have some really good chat. She can get very passionate about things and it can get quite funny. She was talking about the marathon and how she didn’t like quite a lot about it…. the medal, the route (flat and boring as opposed to my idea that it was flat and easier), the weather forecast, the journey back, the lack of support from the lack of crowds on the route, the loneliness of it out on the route. It was quite the opposite memory I has of it, but I had more people there to support me and had my gf there to look after me and drive me home.

The weather forecast on Saturday was meant to be rain, heavy rain, and about 13’C. I wore shorts, a puma vest and adidas long sleeved top. I had taken a waterproof jacket but decided against it as the weather didn’t appear to be too bad. (And Julie Ann came out dressed in shorts and a vest!!) The weather was actually ideal. A few spots of rain near the end, but nothing too bad. Otherwise it wasn’t too hot and quite pleasant.

We ran along the cycle track to Kilmacolm first, nice and flat, then over some hills past a golf course and back home to Julie Anns. All in all 11 miles. We got some good chat, and I remembered how much I like to run with Julie Ann. She runs at a sensible pace and although we could both possibly run faster, I think we compliment each other well. I just think there’s no point in pushing yourself (or others) on long training runs when you could just run them and get so much more from chatting and running.

We passed many fields with little jumping lambies and even passed a little chocolate labrador who was so cute! (And in the middle of doing a poo…stopped doing it to let us pat him lol). I like the hills out there, nice and challenging and different to what I’m used to.

We finished and I was hungry for more miles, but with the 10k coming up I knew 11-12 miles should probably be the maximum distance I do right now. The run was surprisingly easy. We stopped half way for some water and had some sports beans. I honestly felt at the end that I’d just run a 4 mile run, it was that easy! I suppose any thing is going to be easy compared to running a PB marathon in 22’C heat!

Run: 11.14M, 1:42:19, Pace: 9:11, Calories: 1,104
Ave HR: 137 (72%), Max HR: 171 (90%)

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