Wk48 – Monday morning run…

Monday morning: I went to the gym to do 7k on the treadmill.  The snow is still here so running outside is out of the question.  I usually run 4.3 miles to Maxwell Park and back, but there was no way I was attempting it today!  I still wanted to run though – so back to Bella it was.  The gym was empty: 2 or 3 people when I went in, 5-6 people when I left. 😀

I went on the treadmill which is in front of a mirror..time to check out how my legs were when I was running. 😉

I got on the treadmill about 6:45 and decided that I had time for 8k (5 miles) so I’d do that.  I started at my marathon running pace: 6.8mph, then after 4k increased it to 7.4mph, and in the last km 7.8mph.

It was a good run although I must admit that half way through I was starting to get hit by the boredom of running on the treadmill.  When that happens I normally try to play about with the speed to take my mind off it… but today I kept it pretty steady.

I was thinking a lot on the treadmill, about Christmas and about people I care about.  It’s nice to have the time to think.

RUN: 5.03M, 41:21, 8:12, Calories: 584
Ave HR: 159 (84%), Max HR: 176 (93%).
262 mile challenge: 64.48 – 5.03 = 59.45 miles to go.

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