Spinfit and powerplate session 2

Tuesday night I went straight to the gym after work to do an easy double Spinfit class with Helen.

I was going to just spin easy so went to the back of the class and told Helen I’d be taking it easy following the marathon. I started off slow and tried to get up out of the saddle but I thought my legs were too sore. Helen laughed at me. Lol

I tried again and managed it. It was quite nice to actually take it easy in Spinfit for once!!

The music kept going off, which really annoyed her but it just made me laugh. I even started singing to one song when it went off to try n get a laugh.

Spinfit: x2, 90 mins, 1100 cals approx.

Then after spin Helen was nice enough to give me a power plate massage session.  I got Andy one of the gym instructors to do some stretches with me on it on Sunday before swimming teaching and it loosened off my legs, so I thought I’d give it another go.

First lying on my side, my it band got the massage with Helen leaning on me. It was sore, but so worth it.

Then we moved onto my quads, where she actually sat on me (on top of a mat) lol. And last off was a calf massage which I knew was going to be sore, but worth it!!

Should be back to normal by tomorrow I think. I managed my first little jog from the car tonight, and it felt fine.

Might try a short very easy run, then I really want to do a swim. We’ll see. Gonna take it easy for a bit anyway.

Here’s a bit more about the Power Plate:


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