More marathon analysis…

So after the marathon… my legs are nearly back to normal and I’m back to easy training.  In the time after the marathon I did a bit of analysis on the speed and time splits for the 26.2 mile distance I did.

As you can see, I was running steadily until about mile 17…then I remember my hips getting a little sore.. and at mile 20 my thighs and hips were sore… then at mile 22 I really had to dig in for the last 4 miles. This is shown clearly by my pace – and the last mile was up a short hill…. arg…!

 As for the distance/mile splits, here they are:
Miles – Time
1.0 – 8:20
3.1 – 25:33
6.2 – 51:30
10 – 1:22:07
13.1 – 1:47:12
16.2 – 2:12:23
21.2 – 2:54:38
22:2 – 3:03:11
25.2 – 3:29:30
26.2 – 3:38:24

When I was running I noticed the at the hourly points how well I was doing too:

1 hour: 7.25 miles = 7.25 mph
2 hours: 14.7 miles = 7.45 mph
3 hours: 21.85 miles = 7.15 mph
3:36 hours: 26.2 miles = 6.9  mph
Overall: 7.2 mph (8:19 min/miles)

I’ll do some reading up on how to best run the Lochaber Marathon in April… pacing etc… but for the moment I’m going to go back to the drawing board and take some time out from long runs and concentrate on running, swimming and getting back to weights.  🙂  No more marathon talk until after January or February!  😀

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