Wk47 – easy run, power plate, swim

Wednesday night I got in had dinner, then went out at about 7pm to go to Bella Leisure Centre.  The football was on at Ibrox so it ended up the gym and pool were very quiet.  Sweet.  Stangely enough the car park was full… bad b****rds parking there and walking to the stadium.

I aimed to run on the treadmill, as long as it wasn’t sore, for about 5k or so.  Then I was going to do some stretched on the power plate and do a swim.

5k Treadmill Run

I got on the treadmill and put the speed to a rather easy 11kph (6.8mph), and did 5k very comfortably in  just over 27 minutes.  I had my heart rate on and notice my HR hovered around the 135-140 mark for most of it.   I wasn’t out of breath in anyway and my legs felt ok.  (A small bit of tightness in my right calf and left IT band, but nothing sore).

I got to the end and had really enjoyed it…really enjoyed a treadmill run for once?!!

Oh and there was this numpty of a guy on the treadmill in front of me.  He got on about 10 mins into my run.  An older guy… who didn’t seem to realise that once you put the speed on the treadmill up – you can take it down too.

He got on, whacked the speed up to a speed far too fast for him…then proceeded to clatter his feet on the belt which was clearly going way too fast for him.  He’d run on it for as long as possible, creating a hell of a racket with his feet… then hold himself up by his arms on the rest so that his feet just tip toed along on the belt.  It was pretty funny, especially as I was hardly breaking sweat at the comfy and sensible pace I was going at!

RUN: 3.1M, 27:11, 8:45, 300 cals, Ave HR: 137 (72%), Max HR: 147 (77%).
262 mile challenge: 72.61 – 3.1 = 69.51 miles to go.

Power Plate
Then after the run I went on the power plate again and did some stretches: Calves, Quads, IT bands, Hamstrings – and repeated them just for good measure.

Swim Session 12
I jumped to swim session 12 as it gave me the opportunity to swim not using my legs if I wanted or needed.  As it so happened, my legs were fine and I did a mile of swimming front crawl kicking my legs.

2500m, 46:33, Ave HR: 131 (69%), Max HR: 158 (83%), Min HR: 88, Calories: 465.
Set 1: 500m FC swim steady: 8:48, (HR 129) , (5) – 26.4 secs per 25m
300m FC pull: 5:28, (HR 127), (5) – 27.3 secs per 25m
Set 2: 500m FC swim steady: 9:07, (HR 135), (13) – 27.3 secs per 25m
300m FC pull: 5:36, (HR 128), (5) – 28 secs per 25m
Set 3: 500m FC swim steady: 9:09, (HR 138), (11) – 27.4 secs per 25m
300m FC pull: 5:50, (HR 125), (2) – 29 secs per 25m
100m FC swim: 1:47, (HR 137). – 26.7 secs per 25m
Average: 27.5 secs per 25m

I felt good on the swim and it was helped by the fact there were only about 3 others in the pool!  When I got in, the ‘fast lane’ was full of about 4 people doing breast stroke so I opted to swim next to the far off wall instead.  Good choice. Uninterrupted swimming. 😀

Hydration: 500ml lucozade caffeine before, 500ml lucozade light during, 500ml protein shake after, 750ml water after. Fingers crossed I’m ok tomorrow!

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