Wk47 – Run then weights

This morning the snow was here… after 1 week of not getting any (and me feeling rather smug that we didn’t have any for once whilst the rest of the country did)… we got it.  Julie Ann, the woman I am hoping to start to train with for the marathon, text me before 8 to see how it was. We decided we’d postpone our (6 mile) run this morning.  She went shopping instead…I went to the gym.

Run: 5 miles: 40 mins, 600 cals
I went on the treadmill to start.  As we were going to do 6 miles, I decided I’d run for 5 miles (8k)… and put the speed up to a comfortable 12kph (7.5mph)… I did that for 4k then upped it to 12.2kph, then to 12.5kph.  I was working harder than I did on the last run and my heart rate was going up as time went on.  The last half a km was a bit tough but I dug in and finished 5 miles in 40 minutes. I was thinking…it’s only 500m with a bit of discomfort (bit of a stitch) – last week I ran the last 4 miles with discomfort (in my legs) at the end of 26 miles!
Ave HR: 157 (83%), Max HR: 173 (91%).

After the run I met my friend Jackie to introduce her to my 5 sets of 5 reps of weights exercises.  You work alternating exercises using your:

  1. Legs (160lbs)
  2. Chest and Back (14kg)
  3. Abs (circuit 3 x (6 x 20)) (10kg)
  4. Triceps and Biceps (60lbs / 40lbs)
  5. Shoulders and Back (12kg / 14kg)

We did the first workout and showed her some of the other exercises.  It was a good first session 90 minutes worth as I was showing it to Jackie.  A good workout anyway.  It’ll be good to see me progress to higher weights as I go on.  Burned maybe 500 cals.  I think Jackie liked the workout too.

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