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Didn’t manage to get out of bed this morning!

The plan this morning was to get up for an 8 mile run… for some readon, (darkness,

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Wk30 – Early morning gremlins then Double Spinfit

So Tuesday morning and I was going to do a wee 10k time trial before work… but the Gremlins came along and persuaded me against it!  I actually got up, got my training gear on (I had to put a … Continue reading

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Lazybones Gremlins Strike Again

Well! I haven’t done that before – or at least when I’m about to do run anyway.  Last night I went to Bella Leisure Centre to sort something to do with the swimming lessons, see my partner in the gym … Continue reading

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Wk13 – Taper week…

The gremlins seemed to have got me this morning… I was MEANT to go for a 4.3 mile run to Maxwell Park and back, but didn’t.  I suppose I’m almost thinking like it doesn’t matter too much if I miss … Continue reading

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Wk9 – 3.6M run, 45 min Bodyweight circuits & Gremlins

Monday night, I went straight to Bellahouston after work to meet a friend for a run. I’d been feeling hungry for most of the day, and I got my mid afternoon dip about 3pm. I met Paul just after I … Continue reading

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