Wk23 – Spin then 8.2M incl 10k time trial

Tuesday night spin fit… a single session as Helen wasn’t there and I’d planned a run in the time that I usually do the second class.  8 miles or so with about 10k as fast as I could go.

It was a nice night and I was looking forward to going straight from spin to the run.  And tonight, as I was going for a run, I had my garmin, my heart rate monitor on and I managed to get a few photos (and videos) of what spin is like.

A few weeks ago they did up the room with a stage for the instructor, then they went a bit crazy with green lighting, and images all over the wall.  Massive images of cyclists with positive phrases across the walls.  You won’t be able to see the images too clearly because it was too dark for the camera, and it actually looks more like I’ve been underwater… but you get the idea. 🙂

It seemed like a shorter class than when Helen does it, but it wasn’t as enjoyable.  Did the trick for a bit of cross training though.  Catherine took the class, and she’s ok, very good at what spinning, but she’s not as funny as Helen. And she does a few strange things.  Anyway – it was a good class… I worked hard and sweated a lot.

Pretty heart rate graph and a short sweaty video:

Spin: 45 minutes, Ave HR: 135 (71%), Max HR: 159 (83%)

RUN (with cramps again) 😦

Then after spin I got my sunglasses on and went out for my run.   It was nice and sunny and I was looking forward to it.  I thought I’d start out easyish and see what happened.  Nice and sunny.  Ipod with The Script on. 😀

My plan was 1 mile warm up, 10k as fast as I could, 1-2 miles cool down.  I would start at Bellahouston, run the 10k route, then end up at home in time for dinner.

It was all going ok until about 4 miles in when I got slight tummy cramp again… arg… just about every run I do in the evening now, after about 30 minutes to an hour of running I get tummy cramps as if I need the toilet.  It’s tough going.  I can run through it, and I can’t see how I’m getting them.  The last time I eat before I run is about 4pm (almost 2.5 hours before I started my run)…perhaps I’m dehydrated?  Or perhaps it’s my bodies way of saying… ‘I don’t want to be doing this right now?  I don’t like running at night, only in the morning!’  So it lets go to stop me.  Or perhaps I’m dehydrated? Who knows.

Anyway, I managed to keep quite a strong pace throughout, although I did feel like I slowed down on mile 5… but I was still running well.  I knew mile 6 would be up the hill in Pollock Park and it was the only mile I ran (within the 10k) just over an 8:00 minute mile pace.

With about half a mile of the 10k distance to go (up to 7.2 miles including the mile warm up) I powered up the hill on St Andrews Drive.  I finished the 10k distance in 48:05 (a 7:45 minute mile pace).  Not bad for having cramp on and off since mile 4.

I slowed my pace down for the mile and a half I had to run home, then the cramps got worse.  Urg!  Not good.  I was tempted to go somewhere, but I managed to hold on until I got home.  But then experienced a strange feeling of feeling slightly sick for a while after it.  It’s as if my body is telling me not to run long distances at night or something! :-/ It’s rubbish! I don’t like this new development!

Run: 8.5M, 1:06:56, Pace: 7:52, 7.6mph, 850 calories.
(10k time trial: 48:05, Pace: 7:45)
Ave HR: 158 (80%), Max HR: 172 (87%)

Oh and here’s my dinner… baked potato n prawns. Yum.

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