Wk22 – Double Spinfit

Tuesday night double spinfit… I felt good going into the first class and worked really hard. Helen is good at motivating you and by the end of the class I was dripping with sweat.

By the time the second class came I could really have done with not starting it. I felt ok, but had the feeling that I wasn’t going to be able to give it my all this time.

By the second song I was hoping for it to be over asap. lol. Nevermind, I got through it and it was well worth it.

There’s a strength track we do, where we stand on the pedals, body straight up and down, so that our legs are working really hard. It’s a right killer. In the second class I attempted it, but not like me, I gave up and just did spinning instead. I felt a bit of a niggle in my right knee, and didn’t want to put any more pressure on it or risk injury. That was my excuse anyway. 😉

Good class anyway and a good bit of cross training.

Spinfit: 1:30, 1st Class Ave HR: 132 (69%), Max HR: 156 (82%). Calories: 550 2nd Class Ave HR: 116 (61%). Calories: 450

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