Wk27 – Double Spinfit

Double Spin on Tuesday night – tough work.  Helen wasn’t there as she has sadly broken her ankle!!  Arg!  So she’d set up a guy Scott to take the classes.

He was ok, apart from that he didn’t introduce himself, didn’t ask if anyone had any injuries or if anyone was new, and we couldn’t hear him above the music!

He knew his stuff, he had different track listings for each class, and gave a good workout though.  Some of the stuff was quite repetitive, but the spin bits were good, and the pyramid climbs he did were good too. He also had a cheeky wee smile, but as we couldn’t hear what he was saying…any humour from him (and any chat and instructions come to think of it) was wasted.

In the first class I worked, and sweated hard.  In the break between classes I went outside to cool down and drank some water.

I usually eat some cashew nuts in the break, and I wish I had.

By the time the second class came around I really didn’t fancy it and had to use all my will power to get me back in the class.  I’m not sure if it was because it wasn’t Helen taking the class, and that the new guy was annoying me in that we couldn’t hear him (and we’d told him a few times), but I really wasn’t up for it.

You really had to concentrate on what it was he was saying.  Either he needed to speak up (shout louder) or turn the music down.  In the end I just tried to copy what he was doing and perhaps missed out on a few increases of resistance. 😉

I did it anyway, track by track.  By 20 minutes in my tummy was rumbling for food.  Not a good sign. I eased off a bit, using a low resistance for the most part, and battled through to the end.

With about 15 minutes to go he said we had 4 tracks to go, 3 tracks to go, 2 tracks to go… 1 track to go.  Finished.  Phew!!

I got off the bike, stretched and got straight int he car home so that I could get some dinner.

It felt a little like I had ‘hit the wall’, but I hadn’t.  I was just so hungry and didn’t want to be there.

I’m glad I did both classes though.  If you can get your mind and body to overcome that sort of hard work and internal negativity in 90 minutes, you can probably get yourself to do anything!!

Spinfit 1: Ave HR: 136 (72%), Calories: 500
Spinfit 2: Ave HR: 128 (68%), Calories: 450
Max HR: 164 (87%)

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3 Responses to Wk27 – Double Spinfit

  1. Debs says:

    Double spin? Holy, I’m still working up the courage to try one class. Too much like hard work for me 🙂

    • lornpearson says:

      I used to think that too when there was a few in the class who stayed for the second class, but you get surprisingly used to it… and once you can do double spin, you can do just about anything!! 🙂

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