Wk18 – Double Spinfit with Helen

Tuesday night and I went straight from work as usual to Spinfit.  Helen had promised us she made a great new CD, and she didn’t disappoint.

It’s always good to get a new workout in spinfit.  Helen does the same routine for about 6-8 weeks then changes it.

By the time the 6th week comes along you know where the hard bits are and you know where you can and should ease off.

The new tracks were good.  Some speedwork, hills, (dreaded) strength, intervals.  Helen’s good at mixing it all up and making you work extra hard.

The killer track was the strength track… at one point my calves were so sore… I could still carry on, but it felt like they couldn’t actually get any sorer!  I could bear the pain, so there was no point in giving up, but it was tough work!!

Then straight after the strength track, Helen asked us to keep the speed and heat in our legs and moved straight into a speed track.  Although it’s hard, I like it.  😉

I couldn’t really hear the beat in the last track, but apart from that, the new routine was excellent.

I was sweating like I don’t know what and at one point I’d eased off a bit, and Helen got me to go a bit faster.  The sign of a good spin instructor to notice me flailing and motivate me to push it a bit more.

I’ll add the HR & calorie stats later.

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