Wk21 – 5M Pollock Park wi Gill

Thursday morning and after my 10 miles the night before… I wasn’t sure how I’d feel today, but I was ok.  Up and at Bella for 630am to meet Gill.

Gill had a cold last week so she wasn’t expecting to do very well today.  She did really well on our last run together, but she felt it might be a little tougher this week.

I told her just to take her time and see what happened.  As we were running up the hill in Pollock Park I noticed she was finding it a little tough and tried to help by trying to slow our pace down a bit.

She got to about 3 miles in and was finding it really hard… then just before we got out of Pollock Park she told me to run on and she would walk.  I wasn’t out for a run on myself, I was out to run with her, so I walked with her and chatted about how she was feeling.

Gill occasionally gets a really odd feeling, when she’s struggling, her body goes cold and her head goes really warm. 

I have a feeling it is her body’s way of telling her enough is enough, and have an idea that it might be linked to how much energy she takes on before a run.  She didn’t eat this morning and she usually has a banana… I just think if you make your body run for 40-50 minutes… it’s going to complain if you don’t feed it before hand.

Gill said she had a large meal of pasta last night to carb load, but her body has probably used all that energy up while she sleeps.

I suggested she try porridge or cereal before her runs from now on.

Have you experienced this?  Do you get to a point in your run and your body wants to give up?  Your head goes hot and your body goes cold??

Thankfully I haven’t but it doesn’t seem like a nice thing.  Hopefully if Gill eats before her run, she’ll be ok.

Gill was a bit disappointed with her run today, she had to stop and walk and found it a bit of struggle.  But she still completed it 2 minutes faster than the first time we ran together and as she is just getting over a cold, she has a reason for the run not being as good as last week. Looking at the stats… she maybe started out a bit too quick… and paid for it later?  (Remembering her good run was on the 25th of may where she started off slower and increased her pace).

Oh and we saw Stanley the squirrel again just as we were finishing.  🙂

Run: 5M, 47:25, Pace: 9:24, 6.4 mph, Calories: 497.
Heart rate reading was incorrect…apparently it maxed at 238!!  :-O

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