Do you take Multivitamins?

Centrum performance product imageDo you take Multivitamins?  I do.  Have done for years.  Someone asked me the other day when I was running with her and I told her I take Centrum Performance Multivitamins daily.

I think my Dad drummed it into me when I was young, then when my diet sometimes wasn’t exactly ideal I knew I would be getting my recommended daily allowance of vitamins from the pill.  You can usually get them 3 for 2 from the likes of Boots, Tesco or Asda who all compete with each other for a sale.

I used to just take Centrum Advance, but upgraded to Performance about a year ago. I can’t say I notice a difference, but if you beleive the PR … it should.  😉

Being the best you can be is about getting the most out of your mind and body. This can be achieved by combining regular physical exercise and mental stimulation with a balanced diet.

Centrum Performance is formulated for sportsmen and sportswomen, and those leading busy, active lives. It is specially formulated with an active combination of 28 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Higher levels of antioxidants and B vitamins can help unlock energy and protect against free radical damage.

Centrum Performance is meant to help with:

Energy Energy

Helps unlock energy from food needed for your body and mind.  Strenuous exercise could increase the body’s requirements for the B vitamins thiamin and riboflavin. This is because during exercise, when energy requirements are high, the B vitamins play an important role in helping to meet energy demands.

Stamina and Endurance
Stamina and Endurance

Ginseng may help your body sustain energy and stamina needed for physical performance.  Centrum Performance is formulated for sportsmen and sportswomen, and those leading busy lives.

Concentration and Learning
Concentration and Learning

A combination of vitamins, minerals, ginseng and ginkgo biloba which may help maintain mental alertness and concentration.  Iron also plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood, which is needed for concentration and normal work performance.


Iron, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E may help maintain a healthy heart and circulation.

And it contains:


Ginseng is a herb, native to Korea and China. Ginseng root has been traditionally used in Eastern Asia for thousands of years to promote overall physical and mental wellbeing. Today, the herb is widely used, in particular by sportsmen and women and those leading busy lives, as they believe it may help the body sustain the energy and stamina needed for physical performance.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a herb native to China. The dried leaf extracts have been used therapeutically for centuries. Today, it is widely used in France and Germany and its popularity in the UK is on the increase. Studies have shown that ginkgo biloba may help to maintain mental alertness, concentration and short-term memory.

Mmmm… I like to take them anyway.  Do you take multivitamins? Do you think they help you?

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