New Thoughts page, and a strange abundance of Creativity!

I was noticing that my Thursday Thought posts were becoming a bit of a regular, so I thought I’d set up a page to hold them all (and any future Thoughts posts).

Here it is:



Also, I’ve been feeling VERY CREATIVE today… here’s a list of the things I’ve ‘created’:

  1. A new Excel worksheet and pivot table in work to help people do their job and get information easily in 5 minutes.
  2. My weight loss journey photo album which I hope might just inspire and motivate others to take up exercise and fitness and change their lives for the better (?).
  3. 5 new blog posts, a new blog page and a blog post draft
    (to be published soon…. about how I plan to share and publicise my blogs and  Facebook page)

Here are the five blog posts I did today….

I was being so creative, I forgot to have lunch until 4pm (and wasn’t hungry!), ditched my plan for a hills session on Thursday night, and worked at a computer for about 12 hours!
Boy and I glad I got my run in this morning!

Jeezo!  What is wrong with me today!?!

Oops I’m only going to get 4.5 hours sleep for the 2nd night in a row!

Over and out!! 😉

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