Watching my calorie burn vs intake…

With my increase in training I think it’s about time I looked at my calorie burn… to make sure I’m taking in enough to cover the calories I’m burining.

So far in 2010/11 my average weekly calorie burn has been around 5,300. And I’ve been eating enough to keep my weight steady. 

Now with increased milage I’ve noticed I am more hungry than normal, and perhaps need to look at taking on more fuel through out the day.  I don’t really want to be losing much more weight so need to watch what I’m doing.

Right now I seem to be burning around 100 calories per mile I do… and since I’ve increased my weekly mileage from about 20-30 miles a week to around 50 miles a week… thats about an extra 2000-3000 calories I’ll be burning!

Here’s what I have/will burn this week:

Mon: 5.1M run = 510 calories
Tue: Double Spinfit = 1000 calories
Wed: 10.25M run = 1025 calories
Thu: 5M run + 7 mile run = 1200 calories
Fri: Rest
Sat: 26.2M run = 2620 calories
Sun: Rest (+ teach swimming)

Total calories burned through training = 6,355
Walked to and from work 3 times (@130 cals each) = 780
Total calorie burn: 7,135!

That’s an increase of around about 2,000 calories burned in a week… give it 2 weeks at that level without an increase in food and I might lose a lb in weight… arg!  Better watch what I’m doing!

Today by lunch time I’d had the following:

  • 1 small bowl of special k
  • 1 bowl of porridge, plus a glass of Tropicana
  • 1 cinammon and raisin bagel with nutella
  • 2 x 500mls of water

By lunch time I was really hungry again!  But I had done 10 miles (1025 calories) last night and 5 this morning, so perhaps there is room for a little more food? (7 miles tonight planned).

I better get eating!!  Yum yum… anyone for a Snickers? .. or an energy bar… or fruit…. or chips!!  😉

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