Wk5 – 5k Treadmill Intervals, 27 mins Circuits

Thursday night and although the weather was terrible, and I needed to check some things out about the electricity going off… I still managed to drag myself to Tollcross gym for a workout.

I’d already done 10k of hills in the morning, and my rather ambitious plan of 5 miles of intervals…changed to 3.1 miles of intervals once I got on the treadmill. 😉

All the treadmills were annoyingly set to 20 mins so I had to ask the instructor to reset the time for me.  She initially said no because it was too busy.  Then when I pointed out there were 3 spare treadmills, and it was the sole treadmill upstairs I wanted fixed…. she agreed.  (Possibly just to get me off her back).

5K Treadmill Interval Run
The intervals went like this:
0.5 miles @ 7.0mph
0.5 miles @ 9.0mph (tough work!!!)
0.5 miles @ 8.5mph
0.5 miles @ 7.0 mph
0.5 miles @ 8.0 mph
0.3 miles @ 7.0mph
0.3 miles @ 9.0mph

I was sweating loads when I finished,  and my heart rate went like this throughout:

I have to say, the speed work felt much harder tonight than the hills did this morning.  Good to keep it up though.

Run: 3.1 miles, 24 minutes, Pace: 7:44, 7.8mph, Calories: 400.
Ave HR: 155 (82%), Max HR: 177 (92%)

Then after that I went on to do a circuits bodyweight workout.  I went into a wee small room that is usually used for staff training… and didn’t ask anyone… so I was a little worried I might get locked in.  And it meant I cut the workout short from 10 exercises (45 mins) to 6 exercises (27 mins)… but I figured I’d worked hard last night and today so I deserved it.

The Tabata timer was set for 6 repetitions of 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest for each exercise:

6. BEAT YOUR BOOTS (a new (hard) one)

Most of the exercises were leg work, which is fine because I want to make sure they are strong for enduring the marathon.

I’ve arranged to do a circuits workout next Thursday at Tollcross with some of the girls from Basketball.  They don’t know what they are letting themselves in for!!  I think I’ll do the 6 exercises above, with the same timings, but have the last rep as rest.  And I’ll include some abs, arms and full body exercises to bring the exercises up to 10.

Circuits: 27 mins, 6 exercises, 6 reps, 30:15, approx 350 calories.
Ave HR: 127 (66%), Max HR: 145 (76%)

My heart rate looked like this:  😀

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