Wk49 – 6th day of the week in the gym!

Like buses…. I don’t go to the gym for months, then this week I think today is my 6th day in a row!  I was going to do a long run, but Fit Girl suggested I join her in her workout and I thought why not.

Today I went and did what Fit Girl would do in her routine and just copied her.  Here’s what we did:

20 minute run @10.3kph : 3.4km.
20 minute uphill walk @ 5.8kph / 15 incline(!!) : 2.6km
2 minutes recovery walk.
Total: 42 minutes, 5.6km.

I tell you the walk was harder than the run!!  (You can see by my heart rate I was working harder in the second 20 minutes than the first!) My calves were screaming from the minute I put the incline up, and it was tough on my back too.  It was hard going.  It’s something Fit Girl has resorted to rather than running as running flares up her IT band.  Good workout anyway.

Then we went onto the bike, and I did:

21 minutes, level 8, 8,5km.
3 mins +80rpm, 2mins +90rpm, 1 min +100rpm x 3.
3 min cool down.

Then we went onto the mat to do 15 minutes of her weights exercises:

Medicine ball thow overs (abs crunches)
Russian Twists
Side Bends with Kettlebell (sore from yesterday)
Side Bends with Weights
Double Arm Throw (Kettlebell)
Alternating Bicep Curls
and a few others…

Then we went onto do 15 mins of 1 circuit of my abs workout:

Power Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Cross Jacks
Moving Push ups
Slow sit up, arm reach
C sit up keeping feet steady 6 inches up
C sit up flutter kick
C sit up scissors kick
C sit up knees in and out
C sit up bicycle.

An hour and a half in the gym and I’m glad I’m off now from training probably until Tuesday (we’ve got a long weekend off work).

After the gym I went to work to check a few emails, then ran aournd about a km home.

Gym: 60 mins cardio, 30 mins strength, Calories: 600.
Ave HR: 128 (67%), Max HR: 155 (81%). Garmin Training Effect: 3.3

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