Wk49 – 8k progressive treadmill speedwork

Monday morning and there was no way I was letting the first snow of this Winter put me off getting a run in this morning. 

I think my legs were still a little tired after the long walk on Saturday, but no niggles or sore bits to mention. And I got a great long sleep on Saturday which no doubt helped too.

I decided last night that if it was going to snow (which it did overnight), I wouldn’t risk running outside and would go to the gym instead for a run on the treadmill.  Last Winter I got really annoyed with the snow that seemed to linger for months… perhaps this year I’ll try and see it as a push to try other things (indoor training / swimming / gym work?) 

Usually when I’m restricted to the treadmill I start to hate it, but since I have hardly done it this year it was a good chance to do some snow enforced speedwork.  🙂

I probably could have run outside in the snow.  Today is probably the best day to do it, just after the snow has landed, but I decided not to take the risk and drive to the gym instead.  The roads were pretty clear and my car wasn’t frozen, I just had to move lots of snow from it.

I’ve not been in Bella gym since they moved it downstairs and it looks pretty well laid out.  When you run on the treadmill you get to watch all of the pairs of muscley(?) men ‘spotting’ for each other.  I don’t really get that… go into a gym with your mate and do half the work you would on your own because you’re taking turn about on machines/a machine? No thanks. 😉  Each to their own I guess.

Gill joined me on the treadmill next to mine and we got our own seperate workouts on the machines.  And I watched wee Sian Williams (and an other) on BBC Breakfast in front of me.  🙂

I started running just after half 6 and did this workout:

8km (5.1 miles), increasing the speed by 0.2kph every 500m.
(Until 4k, where I put the speed down to 11 and restarted the increases)

I was working pretty hard from about 2-4k, so took a breather and brought the speed back down to start again and increase it slowly over the next 4k.

 8k in just under 40 minutes.  🙂  Suits me for a snowy Monday morning.

Run: 8k, 39:44, Pace: 7:57, Calories: 407.
Ave HR: 161 (85%), Max HR: 177 (94%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.3.

Here’s my heart rate graph: 🙂

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