Wk27 – 30 min run then Insanity Fit Test 1 & ducks!

Monday night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill to start before doing my official first Insanity Fit test.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the treadmill run and probably should have run outside as it was quite nice but I didn’t want to risk running and having to stop.

And the treadmills were busy too. When it’s nice outside I think people should run outside (unless they’re injured or self conscious about their bodies).

The guy next to me was running on the treadmill and sweating so much the sweat was dripping all over the track, sides, screen, floor and onto my treadmill. Not nice. And he didn’t wipe it after he used it. Yuk! Another (stinky) reason not to run inside, but take advantage of the outdoors when you can!

Maybe next week for me.

I was kind of bored by about 15 minutes in, but listened to my music tried to concentrate on good running form.  At 25 minutes I felt a small niggle on the inside of my right knee, but nothing that would make me stop.

I ran 3.6 miles in half an hour and felt good after it.

Run: 30 mins, 3.6 miles, 7.2mph, 8:19 min miles, calories: 360.
Ave HR: 132 (69%) Max HR:152 (80%)

After the run I set up my portable DVD player in the function suite with two mats for me and my friend who’s going to do the Insanity workout with me.

We did the Insanity Fit test, 26 minutes of warm up, 8 exercise tests to see how many you can do in a minute, then a cool down.

INSANITY FIT TEST 1 : 11/07/11: 26 minutes
Switch Backs – 82 (+11)
Power Jacks – 55 (+10)
Power Knees – 84 (+2)
Power Jumps – 52 (+9)
Globe Jumps – 11 (-0)
Suicide Jumps – 18 (+7)
Push Up Jacks – 24 (-0)
Low Plank Oblique – 80 (+20)
Ave HR: 124 (65%)
Max HR: 163 (86%)

Calories: 240.

Quite a few more repetitions than on Saturday, I can’t imagine I’m any fitter, more like I was able to do the exercises better because I knew what I was doing a bit better.

It was hard work and worth it. Day 1 of Insanity, done! 😀

Then I was driving home and I saw this very cute sight crossing a very busy Paisley Road West in front of me!  Mrs Ducky and her 6 ducklings.  They were heading North – hopefully towards Festival Park or the Clyde?!

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