Wk49 – 7.6M treadmill hill session

Wednesday night and it was back to Bella gym for a run on the treadmill. I could have run outside but I’m getting fed up of the dark, so I thought I’d continue my running in the gym instead.

When I got there just after half 5, the treadmills were very busy. None were available. Great I thought. 😦

After chatting to a friend Naadra for a bit, one became free so I jumped on it. No telly. Just treadmill. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers. I had the lovely view of the testosterone zone (where all the men workout with big weights). Sigh. Nevermind.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the treadmill run – the thought of running on the spot for over an hour isn’t very appealing to me. Not to mention the fact it would be hard (with hills) and I’d get hot an sweaty (something I’m not really used to when running nowadays as its so cold out).

I decided I’d run between 11-13k (the treadmills are in k) and that I’d run at about 11.7kph (7.3mph).

I made it into a bit of a hill session. I started at 1 incline and increased it by 0.5 incline every km I ran until I couldn’t hack it anymore.

At 4k I was at 3.0 incline and working hard. My speed was the same as I’d started – 11.7kph. It was tough and my heart rate was up in the 90%s.

I decided at 5k I’d get a bit of recovery so kept the pace the same but reduced the incline to zero. And I actually felt like I was running downhill – on a treadmill. 😉 That felt good.

After 3 green dots worth of recovery (see pic above) I increased the incline to 3 again, but reduced the speed to 10.7kph. A bit easier, but still tough.

I got through it anyway, incline 3.0 for 2 dots, incline 2.0 for 4 dots and incline 1 for 3 dots. I increased the speed a bit as I reduced the incline.

As I was just finishing I saw a record ‘number of guys hanging around a machine watching their mates do the exercise on the machine’ and had to laugh. Apologies for the picture, but 6 young guys standing around the cable machine watching their mate do the exercise. I had to laugh.

What a waste of (their) time!

Anyway, I had a good hard run workout and I’m glad I managed to stick it for just over the hour.

I was pleased to find that I’d worked so hard that I / my Garmin had generated a Garmin Training Effect measure of 5.0!

Over reaching. (See here for more information on Garmin Training effect: https://lornpearsontrains.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/garmin-training-effect/ )

Ave HR: 160 (84%) Max HR: 174 (92%).

I saw and chatted to quite a few people I knew, then went home for spag bol n pasta and a bit of Frozen Planet. 😀

Run: 7.6M, 1:05, Pace: 8:45 min miles, Elevation: approx 1000ft. Calories: 625.

Ps: the dip in the heart rate graph at the start is where the treadmill next to me (with a telly screen) became available and I paused my treadmill to hop onto it. As the belt slowed on my treadmill I stupidly tried to move sideways onto the treadmill beside me and very nearly fell off the back off my treadmill. Lol.

Luckily I managed to save myself, and after all that the telly wasn’t even working so I went back on to the now still treadmill belt of the original treadmill I went on. 😛

Pps: one of the gym instructors commented on how toned my legs were. 😀 I guess that’s what all that running has done to them! Nice to hear anyway.

I can’t imagine my legs will be too shiny tomorrow after I’ve put them through a weights session for the first time in ages!! They’ll probably be screaming in agony!

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