Hey you, Zombie on a treadmill

I absolutely HATE seeing people on the treadmill – holding on….I rarely run on treadmills, but know there’s a time and a place for them. I find people holding onto treadmills so annoying, so I thought I’d write this… 🙂

I hope you like:

Hey you, Zombie on a treadmill. Yes you. You heard. Zombie… the one on the treadmill, with the incline yanked right up. Why are you holding on to the treadmill? You look like a zombie running like that. The incline or the speed is probably too high.

Do you realise how silly you look?

Is that how you would walk or run up a hill? With your back straight and your body at right angles to the ground? If you walked up a hill like that you’d probably fall backwards, and fall hundreds of feet onto your head into a pile of blood at the bottom. Mountain rescue would be called and you’d be taken to the hospital… who knows what would happen.  😉

As you’re on the treadmill in a nice warm gym, and you’re not on an actual hill, not much will happen.  You aren’t going to fall off the hill or the treadmill.  Or maybe you are? Is that why you’re holding on?  If you’re holding on because you’re worried you might fall off, you probably have the speed or the incline up too high.  Bring it down until you feel comfortable waking or running normally.  Or maybe you have the speed too high for the incline?  Maybe you should walk up that hill instead of trying to run holding on?

Why don’t you walk or run normally?  With your arms by your side, or moving at your body to help you move?   Lean into the hill (or incline), and if the hill (or incline) gets too steep, slow down your pace and use your arms to power up the hill.

If you want to do a good hill session on the treadmill, put up the incline gradually, by 0.5 or 1.0 per minute until it gets too hard.  Drop the speed as you increase the incline… but don’t hold on like a Zombie!! (See here for other run workouts or here’s a Simple Treadmill Run, ).

Let go of the treadmill, and use your arms like you normally would when you walk or run.

Don’t be a zombie.  Be a runner or a walker.

Or even better… get off the dreadmill, get outside into the fresh air and find a real hill or two to run up and down!  Go out and enjoy the world and all it has to offer.  Run the world!


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2 Responses to Hey you, Zombie on a treadmill

  1. Sandra says:

    lol, so true, bunch muppets. Dont get me started on the ones reading while exercising, or txting!

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