Wk5 – 10k hills on treadmill

Thursday morning and the electricity had been off since 6pm Wednesday night. Sigh. The electricity company said they’d get someone out from 8am on Thursday morning.

With no power, heating or shower I opted to get up early and head for the gym. Mainly for the shower before 8am but I figured I could fit a run on the treadmill in too.

The plan for this weeks medium/hard run was 6 miles of hills. So I set the treadmill to 7mph and on the hill function. It provided three random hills. The first two up to 3 incline, the last up to 5 incline. I started running at 6:45am.

I plugged up my headphones to the telly on the treadmill and got my usual morning fix of BBC Breakfast News with Bill and Sian.

About 20 minutes in, and on the first hill, I was bored already. The news was looping as it does in the morning, and I was considering only doing 8k.

I’d done 5k in 27 minutes, which seemed like an eternity. And there was a guy next to me with what seemed like really heavy feet … Bang bang bang. I found it hard to keep my footstrike my own without wanting to run along with his steps. Grrrr.

The hills were ok, the 3 incline was manageable at 7mph. I just had to work a bit harder. I’ll add the heart rate graph once I get electricity back.

At 7k I was wishing it was over, but had a bit of flat (1 incline) recovery before the incline increased to 5 for the last 1.5kms.

I managed to push for the last 15 minutes. I knew it was just under 2 miles and I reminded myself of the very painful last 4 miles of the marathon in November. ‘Stay strong. Keep going.’ was all I was thinking. I knew I could do it.

The last km was at 5 incline. My breathing was heavy I was giving everything I had. My heart rate went up to 177. With about 250m to go I reduced the incline and started my cool down. Lowering the incline as I went. 10k of pretend hills.

I probably should have put the incline up to 5 instead of 3 and 7 instead of 5, but at least I did it.

After the run I was glad I’d pushed to do 10k. I can do it if I try and I shouldn’t let the boredom of the dreadmill (or the fact I have no elecricity) get in my way. Oh and I got my phone charged at reception when I was there. 😛

I got my shower at Bella and am now waiting for the electricity company to get their finger out and fix my supply!!!

Run: 6.2M, 54 minutes, pace: 8:43, calories: 700.
Ave HR: 157 (83%) Max HR: 177 (93%)

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