GSR Half Marathon Pace Calculator

 Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Pace Calculator

I’m usually one for having a ‘pace strategy’ for races… I don’t tend to target a time, rather I see how my running has been in training and apply paces for mile splits or for sections of the races.

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In the last year or so I’ve liked to run negative splits (in races and training)… so I usually aim to start the first half at a set pace, then pick up in the 3rd quarter and try and beast it for the last mile or quarter.  It worked for me in the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon in March to great effect!  And now it seems to be working a treat for me.

Now after  a strong recce of the Great Scottish Run half marathon route last night, I’m thinking about what my pace ‘could’ be on the day.

Remembering that I’m meant to be running a the 10k beforehand at hopefully a nice steady pace, I think I may need to consider my pace strategy and have one fast one for if I’m feeling good after the 10k and another for if I’m thinking I might find the half a struggle.

I’ve created a Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Pace Calculator so that you can enter the mile splits you want to aim for, and it will work out your projected finish time.  There are three options to enter and you can print out the page and cut it up to use as a wrist band if you want.

There’s also a map of the route with mile splits on it, an elevation chart and a description of the route (uphill, downhill or flat) next to the mile splits.  And there’s a link to a garmin map of the route from last 2010.

You can use the calculator for any half marathon distance and if you’d like one made for another distance, just comment and let me know.

Here are my two options I think:

– But we’ll see, it might all go to pot on the day!

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3 Responses to GSR Half Marathon Pace Calculator

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Looks like you’ve got it all worked out. I think pace bands are a great idea. I used to use them in all races. Now I just use the average pace on Garmin. It doesn’t fluctuate then.

    Debs x

  2. lornpearson says:

    Hey Debs, I use the average pace on garmin too… I go by mph for some strange reason, although I might change to pace this time round.
    And I might have it all worked out but who knows what will happen on the day! 🙂 I just like to have an idea of what paces I’ll do for say the first 6 miles, the next 4 miles then the next 3.1 miles of a half. Hopefully it’ll work this time round (and I won’t collapse in a big heap half way there!) 😀

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