Wk21 – 5.1M Queens Park

I had a nice wee 2 rest days on Sunday Monday.  Sunday was the usual, teach swimming etc and Monday was the bank holiday, so I decided it would be good to take a break from running and have a day off with my gf with no plans.

On Monday we drove along the Clyde Valley partly to see where I would end up at the end of the Clyde Stride, and also to see more of the route.  I plan to go down there soon and run from Lanark for a distance along the route, then run back and experience the end of the route when I’m tired.  It looks pretty hilly to me, but I’m not sure if we follow the road or a track.  The track might be less hilly??!

I also popped into the information centre in Lanark and got a few maps etc. They were very helpful there.

Tuesday morning and I decided I’d do an easy 5.1 miles up to Queens Park and back.  4.3 miles was on the plan, but I figured I’d mix it up a bit and go a bit longer on another route.

My calves were pretty tight from Saturday and I’m thinking I maybe need to consider running slower for my long ones.  Running at 8:10 minutes miles is all very well – but perhaps I’m pushing it a bit much when I don’t need to.  Perhaps 8:30-9:00 minute miles is more appropraite for my long run training?

I was out the door for 6:40am after having a small bowl of Special K to keep me going.  When I went out, in my shorts and tshirt… it was sunny, but there was a clear chill in the air.

I ran at a steady and comfortable 8:30 minute miles for the first 3 miles, then on the downhill for the last few miles I picked up the pace automatically but without much extra effort (8:00 – 8:10  min miles).  In the last km I picked up my pace pushing towards the finish.

I felt ok, but could still feel the 21 mile effort from Saturday quite clearly. I’m now glad I took the 2 days rest.  🙂  Nice easy pace today at 8:19, but I still can’t seem to manage to hold back the pace when I’m out on my own.  Practice required I think.

 Run: 5.1M, 42:32, Pace: 8:18, 7.2mph, Calories: 509
Ave HR: 147 (77%), Max HR: 165 (87%)

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