Drains and Radiators

YOUR WORDSA new acquaintance of mine: a lovely, intelligent, interesting and wise woman, recently said to me:

‘They say in life, people can be ‘drains’ or ‘radiators’ (or somewhere in between): you are definitely a radiator.’

I thought, how nice?  …and what a good analogy. Drains, Radiators, and somewhere in between too. 🙂

We’ve all known them: ‘Drains’ and ‘Radiators’. 

Drains: People in our lives who suck the very life out of us.  Drains are sometimes the people we know who think everything is against them and are always looking for reassurance and support.  They’re usually insecure in their own lives and the majority of their thoughts are negative and their thoughts become their words and actions. 

More of what makes you happyDrains sometimes make a habit of comparing themselves to others and they’re quick to judge and gossip about others.  They go on about their problems, and ask for advice, but then often don’t take that advice on board.  Sometimes you can’t help getting pulled down by drains.  They maybe sigh a lot, or make non-verbal gestures which make you want to ask them if everything is ok.

I’ve known a few ‘drains’ in my life (ex’s, friends, work colleagues) and to be honest, I tend to distance myself from them if I can.  Sometimes it’s good to help them: to help them see that things aren’t actually all that bad – and sometimes ‘drains’ can turn into ‘radiators’.  But sometimes there’s no helping them and you’re better off without them in your life.

dance in the rainRadiators:  People in our lives who make us smile and laugh and feel all warm inside.  Radiators are sometimes the people we know who inspire us to become better people, they’re always encouraging and habitually set a good example.  They’re usually happy in themselves, positive and confident and have a good level of perspective on life. 

Radiators are keen to share their heat, happiness and optimism with others but don’t mind if you don’t use the heat they give off.  They don’t tend to worry what others think of them, and don’t gossip or judge others. strong peopleThey probably smile a lot and are grateful for everything they have and get in life.  People tend to like them and are usually drawn to them.

I know a few ‘Radiators’ in my life, they are the best and they’ll continue to be in my life as long as they’ll have me!  Jackie, Fit Girl, my Dad and a few work colleagues too.  This week (as well as being flatteringly described as an inspiration – thank you!)… I have been lucky enough to be described as a ‘radiator’, and I have to say, I like it.  🙂

So, what are you? A drain or a radiator?

If you are a drain – what can you do to change to become a radiator?

  1. better when you're laughingHave fun in life, smile and laugh more often.
  2. Buy and read the ‘Happiness Code’ – £6 and well worth it.
  3. Spend time with others and learn to talk to them about who and how they are.
  4. Listen to others, and be conscious of possibly going on and on about yourself all the time.
  5. Be confidential about things people share with you, and try not to judge others.
  6. Have positive thoughts and shut out any negative thoughts.
  7. Think about how lucky you are in life, and think of all of the good things you have and are.
  8. Look at your life, and if you’re not happy with it – change it!
  9. Take my Super Human test and see where you can improve your life.
  10. Believe in yourself, take action, help yourself and if you can, help others too.

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