Self Belief

I’ve written about Self doubt and Self belief before… about how if your mind thinks you can’t do something, you more than likely won’t be able to do it.

think you canHowever if your mind thinks you can do it, you more than likely WILL be able to do it.  This week it’s come to me again.  I, for one reason or another have bundles of self belief.  I believe I can do almost anything I set my mind to and I’m confident and happy with who I am and what I know and think I can do.  I’ll learn about it, set goals, find out how to do it, and train to do it – and in the long run I’ll try my best to do it.

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but I think my self-belief comes from lots of different places from:

  • My Dad and my upbringing and being told that I could do anything I set my mind to.
  • My 4 older siblings: knocking me down and calling me names, giving me a thick skin.
  • My experiences in life: school, uni, various work environments, training and coaching.
  • My positive and optimistic mind frame, always seeing the best in things and myself.
  • Always being grateful and feeling lucky for who I’ve become and where I am in life.

Recently I’ve noticed a few groups of people who have opposed my thoughts of what I think and what I know I can do.  It’s taken every bit of me to stick to my guns and know that what I am doing is right.  I’ve learned and trained my body to do what I do, and whilst what I do (running, strength and all of my activity) maybe isn’t conventional or what the normal person does – I can do it and I’m informed and aware of how it affects me.

recovery1I do listen to what people say to me, for example when one of my friends said I was training ‘Like a driver without a train’.  Doing too much exercise with not enough thought for rest, recovery and time out.  Life needs balance and as much as I do a lot of activity, I try to get that balance where I get rest, recovery, social interaction and chat from life.

But what if in life, you try do things, like get fit or become more active, and those around you don’t support you or believe you can do it?  What happens?  The self doubt filters down to you, and you end up not believing in yourself and not getting to where you want to be.  Maybe they’re just saying out of concern for you, or to help you not make mistakes or get injured.  But sometimes it feels like people just don’t know you or understand why you do the things I do.

domoreofwhatmakesyouhappyFrom the young girl who had been brought up to believe that she wasn’t good enough, to the parent who didn’t get the support from her husband to get more active and lose weight.  Or the work colleague who’s taken steps to improve what she eats to be more healthy – but at every turn her colleagues are offering her cakes and sweets making it hard for her to achieve her goals and stick to what she’s planned.  Doubt from others can make you question yourself, ruin the best laid plans and scupper goals.

This week there have been a few things which could have quite easily made me question myself, my belief in myself and what I’m choosing to do (running lots and lifting heavy weights!):

A few weeks ago I was running quite a bit… and at work I was been told ‘You might run your little leggies off’ and ‘You’re doing too much’.  Too much for a normal person perhaps?  But I know my body, I know my training and I know what I can do and when I need rest from running.  I also cross train / strength train to maintain my strength and variety in training. 

Here’s what my week of training looked like :

Sat: 21M run (13.1M with Eileen who is training for a marathon)
Sun: Rest and recovery (including an 11 hour sleep and plenty of food and drink).
Mon: 6.2M run with Fit Girl
Tue: 5M run with Gill in the morning, then an easy (for me) 4.5M with Super Fit Bit / PT.
Wed: Strength Training
Thu: 6M run with Gill in the rain
Fri: Strength Training
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest ( & 4 hours swimming teaching)

26 2 gleniffer map

For Jo Average, perhaps the above is a lot.  And I have full time work, family commitments and swimming teaching on Sunday too, but it’s not too much for me. It’s what I and my body are used to.  I’ve trained like this for at least the last 4-5 years and I take periods where I do less and more, and where I focus on different things.  Running, strength training, bike work, hiking.

All of these people I know, trying to put doubt in my mind that I’m doing too much… I know I can do all of this, and take recovery, time out and have fun.  Super Lorn is here, being active and having fun (and hopefully being clever enough with my trainng not to get injured!)

Do I build up my runs and distances and run more sometimes than others? Yes.  Did I get injured? No.  Did I rest enough?  Yes.  Have I been doing this long enough that I know what I’m doing? I think so. 🙂


photo 34

Then a few weeks back, I was lifting a heavy barbell as part of my strength routine.  I started around 5 weeks ago, Squatting and Deadlifting 30kg and since then I’ve progressed to lift 48.5kg (86% of my bodyweight!).  I feel fine doing it, I know that I can lift it and I plan to progress to lifting more as the weeks go on.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard and challenging, but over the weeks  I’ve trained myself to be able to do it.

photo 33

That day, Fit Girl came in and saw how much I was deadlifting and she said ‘watch you don’t hurt yourself! – watch your back lifting that – it’s too heavy’.  More doubt from others – doubt from someone who I respect and love, and doubt which could easily and have me less confident that I can lift it and make me take some of that weight off. 

Instead, I continue to have the total belief that I can lift that heavy weight, and more, and that I won’t hurt myself.  If it starts to get too heavy or if I lose my form, I’ll cut back and start with a lower weight, then build it up again.  🙂

long distance running

I’ve also realised in the last while that, because of my experience of running, I have the total belief that I could run as far as I choose to, and I could run as fast as I push myself.  I’ve done the hard horrible speedwork, the hill reps and the long runs and I love running.  I know I can do anything I set my mind to and I’m not scared of anything. I know when I need cross train and know when I need rest and sleep.  (I wouldn’t choose to run 5,000 miles… but I could run any distance I wanted to).  I’m grateful and I know that it’s a very special position to be in. 🙂

So let’s see… less about me and more about Self Belief:

photo5How do you become more confident in yourself and believe in yourself to enable to you to do anything you set your mind to? How do you ‘clear your mind of can’t’? In fact, to turn it into a positive – how do you ‘fill your mind of can’? (see what I did there – always think in the positive).

I call myself belief my Super Powers.  It’s like having rose tinted glasses all of the time, but also being aware of your limitations and knowing what you can and can’t do.  It’s about learning how you can improve and progress to lift that heavy weight, or run that distance.  It’s about becoming successful at work and in life, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

photo 52


It’s about changing your mindset and beliefs for the better.  About always being positive and optimistic in life, and not letting any negative thoughts or little satans telling you you can’t do it, into your head.  It’s about not listening to those people who knock you down or tell you you can’t or shouldn’t do it.  If you believe in yourself, learn enough, train enough and get knowledge and support from others, you will more than likely be able to do it.

I’m Super Lorn and I can do anything I choose to set my mind to.  You can be Super too, you just need to have a think about your life, decide if you’d like to improve on anything, and make changes to become Super.  You can take my Super Human Test, and it will give you an idea of where you can progress.  You can take any path you want to in life.  You have choices in life, and you can deisgn your own destiny.

shc test wheel

Talk to others who maybe inspire you or who have done what you want to do.  Listen to others and if they’re talking sense, then listen some more and take their advice. If lots of people are telling you, you’re running too much – perhaps you are.  Take time to think about what you’re doing and see if they’re right.  If you’re quite happy with what you’re doing and your confident in yourself, then keep doing what works for you. 

Be you. Be yourself, but remember to have insight, be aware of how you feel, and listen when people who care about you off you advice.


  • Take the Super Human Test.
  • Be positive, look on the bright side and be grateful for all you have and are.
  • You can be who you want to be.
  • Set goals, have fun and achieve great things.
  • Dream better dreams and make your dreams reality.
  • Help others to believe they can become Super Human too.

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