Wk50 into Wk51 :-)

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Super Deadlift Strength
PT run at night: 1:28 / 7.4 miles
Tue: 1hr run / 7 miles wi Eileen
Wed: 5M wi Gill
Thu: Rest
Fri: Super Squat Strength
Sat: 10 mile run wi Jackie
Sun: Rest

Quite an eventful week, although it didn’t seem all that busy / active. I must just be used to getting up in the morning to train. 🙂

My hamstrings are sore today, so I’m taking the planned rest day as opposed to running again. Then it’ll be back to it on Monday, and a few rest days over Christmas.

I’m working Monday Tuesday next week, then off from Christmas Day. Yippee.

Here’s what I’m planning for next weeks training:

Mon: 4M run wi Fit Girl, then Super Deadlift Strength
Tue: 5M wi Gill
Wed: Rest, walk, Christmas Day
Thu: Rest or run, visit family
Fri: Super Squat Strength
Sat: HIIT, run or Strength work wi Fit Girl
Sun: Rest

Hopefully I’ll manage to get all of my work done at the BBC on Monday Tuesday. It has been really busy over the last few weeks but hopefully not many people will be in next week so I’ll get a chance to get on and tidy up things before I’m off.

Asda and Jasper went to work on Friday and had a good time (in their Santa suits lol). They got a cake from the lovely Andrea, which they (I) devoured. ;-P

The presents are building up and I managed to finish my Christmas shopping yesterday too. Phew. Looking forward to next week and the one after. It’ll be nice to get a 10 day break from work. 🙂

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