New Rohan Walking Boots

I got my new walking boots today. 🙂

My last pair of rathe expensive Salomon’s started leaking after around 10 walks. I ended up walking most of the West Highland Way with wet feet. I wore them again twice in the last month and they, once again let in water.  They were comfy as anything, but not ideal that they were letting in water after I spent a lot of money on them.

So I contacted Cotswolds who I bought them from just over 2 years ago and they offered and exchange at first. Then I pushed for a refund and they obliged. 🙂 what a good company!

I get a rather hefty discount at Rohan (35% off), so I thought I’d give them a look. Their stuff is very good quality, but with a very expensive price tag, you could be put off them. With my discount though, expensive becomes reasonable for the quality you’re getting. 🙂

These were the only walking boots they have in their range. The Bhutans.

I’m a size 6.5, but they don’t do half sizes, so I decided after my last pair (size 6 Salomon’s, fitted fine in the shop but) became too small for me after three days of waking on the WHW in April, that I’d get the bigger size (7). So that my feet could swell into them if they needed to on longer walks.

£130 reduced to £84.50 for me, they promise to be:

  • Light weight and waterproof for all day hillwalking comfort. With Rohan
  • Barricade waterproof membrane for protection and breathability.
  • Oiled nubuck leather with protective toe cap.
  • With Ground Control sole with support for stability, traction and grip.
  • Silver anti bacterial linings to reduce foot odour and improve hygiene.

Woohoo. No more smelly wet boots! Fingers crossed.

And because of my discount I now have change left over from my refund for the boots I bought over 2 years ago! 🙂

I guess the change had better go towards Christmas!  Now, where will we walk next year I wonder?  😉

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