8 Week 10k Training Plan

10k run copyI’ve created an 8 week training plan for the 10k distance.  It has been designed so that you can put any date of a 10k event in and it will generate two 8 week training plans.

There are two versions in my 8 week 10k Training Plan:
one for Beginners and one for Intermediates.  🙂
Both are available in one excel file, downloadable for free on the link above.

This training plan has been designed for and inspired by the Glasgow Women’s 10k and the Mey 10k in Caithness (both held on the 12th May 2013 – 8 weeks to go today (Mon 18th March), but you can amend the date so that it works for any 10k event on any date.  🙂

So it will work for the Mens Health 10k in June, or any 10 event: see the Scottish Running Guide or Entry Central for more events.

My 10k training plan for beginners assumes you can run at non stop for at least 30 minutes and it will help you to aim for consistent running, three times a week.  You can have 2-4 rest days a week and do some cross training instead of rest days if you want to.

Note: In the boxes on the plan above, the first box in each day is distance in MILES, second box is time in MINS

My 10k training plan for intermediates assumes you’ve got a few 10ks under your belt and you’re looking to improve your times or run and have fun and enjoy yourself.  It includes three runs a week with options to cross train or rest, and focuses more on speed work, hills, tempo runs or time trials once a week.

Note: In the boxes on the plan above, the first box in each day is distance in MILES, second box is time in MINS

More about my 8 Week 10k Training Plans
Both training plans include 10k time trials where you should aim to (if you can) run part of or all of the 10k route you are going to do.  The first time trial should be an easy ‘see how you go run’ and the second time trial should be where you try to beat your first 10k time trial run.  These two time trials should give you an idea of what time you should aim for when you take part in the event.

distance makes the heart grow strongerHeart Rate Training Zones
I’ve provided information on heart rate training zones: all you need to do is enter your age and select a description of you and your activity levels and it will provide you with 3 heart rate zones to work in:
Zone 1: Aerobic (easy and long runs)
Zone 2: Effective (long and time trials)
Zone 3: Anaerobic (speed, hills, tempo, racing)
There is additional information about Heart Rate Training here, and in the last two tabs in the Training Plan.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me, otherwise, enjoy training for your 10k event! Or if you want me to coach you to help you run… go here for more information.  😀
10kmap2011Finally, for more information on the Glasgow Women’s 10k and training for 10ks, see below:

The Glasgow Women’s 10k Route & The Hills
Uphill running tips
downhill running
believe in yourself
50 minute pacing test
how to run faster and slower
are you a positive or negative person?
pacing10k run copy
15 week 10k training plan

Other links to my articles about the Women’s 10k.

And here are my posts from the women’s 10k in previous years:

2009: 10k in 48:33!
2010: Fairytale 10k (1:36, £500 raised for Parkinsons)
2011: Glasgow Women’s 10k! PB! 44:15

Me in the wolf outfit at the Women's 10k in May 2010
Me in the wolf outfit at the Women’s 10k in May 2010
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