Personal Running Coaching

I’m a motivational, enthusiastic and fully qualified Running Coach based in Glasgow.  I coach adults in how to get up and running and in how to develop the experience and knowledge to run longer, up to marathons.

(Please note: I do not provide running coaching for children, ie sprint coaching, running analysis or endurance.  A local athletics or running club may be able to help with that, or Jog Scotland may be able to advise a local coach who might be able to help).

I have a positive and fun outlook on life and would like to inspire others to get into running or improve their running the way I have. I’d also like to help others be positive, believe in themselves and be the best they can be. 😀

I know how to get you ready for any running event from a 1 mile time trial to an ultramarathon, and should be able to answer any question you have about running.

I also know about food, nutrition, weight loss and how to fuel your training and exercise. I know how set goals and achieve them, how to eat without guilt and how you can be the best you can be.

I can provide training plans, motivation, weight loss goals, nutrition advice, swimming lessons, strength workouts and circuits for anyone who wants them.

If you’re interested, or even if you just have a question about Lorn Pearson Trains, me, running, learn to swim, health, fitness, exercise or anything: feel free to email me.

If you’ve already got in touch and we’ve arranged a session, please print out and fill in my health questionnaire for when we meet.

(Note: If you’re viewing the questionnaire online the pages may look out of order, but when you print it you can fold it into an a5 booklet where the pages will be in order).

6 Responses to Personal Running Coaching

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  2. Eleanor Keane says:

    Ive signed up for edinburgh marathon in may, and was wondering if you could email me with your prices for running sessions. I work shifts, so i wouldnt be able to commit to a set day and time each week.

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  4. Karen ferrie says:

    Hi we run a football team age 11/12 and we are looking to help the boys with their running is this something you do and if so how much for an hour …Thanks

  5. Margaret McKenna says:

    I would like to take up jogging but I struggle to run even few minutes, without being out of breath, looking for a coach to help..
    Could you advise on your availability and cost?

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