Achieve what you want – run a good 10k

So, you’ve been off running for a bit. But you’ve got a 10k event coming up in just under 4 weeks time. You know there’s no way you’ll be able to run for a ‘time’ or a ‘good time’ … so what do you do?

I’ve already written about how I don’t think that times matter… so if it were me, I’d focus on something else other than time… I’d use the 3-4 weeks to build up my training to make the day more enjoyable and allow me to be able to simply complete the 10k (and have fun doing it).

You might not be as fit as you were at your peak – but there’s plenty you can do between now and the event to get yourself comfortable running and fit. Use the 10k as a motivation to get you back out running and enjoying it.

( Fast is sh!t anyway – I find it’s much better to run to heart rate if you can, and enjoy yourself. )

If we look at the Glasgow Women’s 10k which is on the 17th May this year… here’s what I’d do – I’d set some goals:

In the lead up to the 10k – 4 weeks….

Get a training plan together – minimum 3 runs a week, 4 max.

Get consistent with your training – get your trainers on and go.

Start now and keep your running up for the event and after.

20 Rest 21 3M 22 Rest 23 4M 24 2M / rest 25 Rest 26 4M
27 Rest 28 4M 29 Rest 30 5M 1 2.5M / rest 2 Rest 3 5.5M
4 Rest 5 4M 6 Rest 7 4.5M 8 2.5M / rest 9 Rest 10 5M
11 Rest 12 4M 13 Rest 14 3M 15 Rest 16 Rest 10k Day

On the day – set some goals for the day (which aren’t time based):

1. Run with a friend or group of friends / help a friend run a 10k.

2. Run for charity or dress up and have fun.

3. Run to heart rate, keeping your heart rate around 180 minus your age.

4. Chat to people, enjoy the atmosphere.

5. Aim to run it within a loose time – in a time you know you’ll be able to complete it in.

6. Split the run into sections, 2 miles, 2 miles, 2 miles, 0.2 miles.

7. Run a negative split: start easy / steady and build to finish strong in the last 2 miles.

8. Run to your music and just have a good time.

9. Aim not to be in pain (ie don’t go fast!) – take it easy and enjoy.

10. Aim to get your photo in the paper! (wave and smile at all the cameras) 😉

Think of all of the people who can’t run or (even worse?) don’t run. Run for them.

Stand on the start line, breathe in and look up to the sky. Do it to make someone proud of you or to have fun with others you know who run.

You can do anything you set your mind to, and this event might just be the kick up the … to get you doing again. Forget times and just go do it. 🙂

Running a good 10k isn’t all about speed and pace – sometimes it’s more about having fun and enjoying yourself. Wolfy had much more fun running a 1 hour 36 10k, raising hundreds of £s for charity, than I ever did running a 10k killing myself to get a PB!

Here’s more on the Women’s 10k and 10ks in general:

For more information about the route (it might have changed since then) and event go here:

Remember your cape: 🙂

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