24hr Intermittent Fast Completed

IF fastingWell, that’s another intermittent fast completed… 24 hours this time… from 2pm Sunday to 2pm Monday.  I’m finding it really easy to do and fit in as a way of life for me. 

I’m mainly sustaining myself on liquid during my fasts, and I have the odd bit of food too.  I’m not bothered about counting 500 calories, but I’m definately limiting my calories and filling up with water / green tea.  Here’s what I did:

Up to 2pm Sunday: Smoked Salmon on philly cheese on Chilli Rivita.
Up to 8pm Sunday: Water whilst I taught swimming 4pm – 8pm (lessons take my mind off it).
Up to 10pm Sunday: Green Tea and water.
8am Monday: Green Tea, Smoked Haddock, Light Yakult.
Cold Starbucks expresso on walk to work.
10am Monday: 200mls Fresh Pineapple Juice.
11am Monday: Oats, Greek Yoghurt, Blueberries, Pine Nuts.
12noon Monday: Handful of plain peanuts.
2pm Monday: I broke my fast with: Sweet Chilli Chicken Salad (very tasty after a fast!)
(Green Tea and water between 9am – 2pm Monday).

photo 5


I find it easier if I’m busy and really easy if I just keep topping up on water and green tea.  I think life shouldn’t be about limitations, so I have what I want, but aim to keep most of it liquid, water, green tea or small portions of healthy food. 

If you find it hard to do Intermittent Fasting – you could follow the steps above, fuel yourself mainly with water, green tea and liquids.  Or go here:  

  1. How to: Intermittent Fast.
  2. What Intermittent Fasting: What it does for me
  3. My 2:5 Intermittent Fasting
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