Suitably pleased with that long run….

Thursday night and I did a nice and strong long run around 11.7 miles of the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon route.

I pushed it right from the start… no exact plan pacing or negative splits  – I just wanted to run and see how I handled it.  I was nicely surprised.  🙂

A nice negative split at a reasonable pace for almost 12 miles! 😀

Following last weeks conformable 9.5 miles at about 8 minute mile pace, I thought I’d see how fast I could comfortably do nearly 12 miles.  I ran faster tonight – +30 seconds per mile… (this was possibly because I was running on my own tonight – I wasn’t chatting to Paul so I maybe could afford to push harder).

But the interesting thing me is that my heart rate was only increased by 6 beats / 4%.  My average HR was just 84% (max 92%) at the end… I think I may have room to push myself even faster?!  Not bad eh?

I’ll post a summary of the run tomorrow, but it’s got me thinking…

If I can run this fast (7:30 minute miles) in long run training, without much other speed work – imagine what I might achieve if I set up a training plan which incorporates speed work?


My usual run training for events up to marathon distance include the following types of runs:

  • 1 easy run (4-5 miles)
  • 1 tempo/speed work/time trial run (6-8 miles)
  • 1 long run (7-15 miles for Half Marathon training)
  • 1 optional extra easy run (2-7 miles)
My usual training pace for long runs (when I was training for a marathon) was about 8:30 minute miles… then I kind of surprised myself with a PB for the Women’s 10k in May (43:51 – 7:01 min miles) .  Now perhaps my usual training pace has improved…. I’ll use my training runs over the next few weeks to see what sort of pace I’ll be aiming to run on the day of the Great Scottish Run.  😀
Tonight I got thinking about my training plan and how I can best train well to do my best for the Great Scottish Run.  I’m still considering running the 10k first (at 9:30am), then the half (at 11:00am)… we’ll see!
I think I’m going to test myself on Monday mornings by doing 10k time trials, and speedwork where I run every odd mile steady and every even mile as fast as possible (enough to possible make me sick?!).

I’ll be interested to see just how fast I can go – given the new lease of running life I seem to have got from running long, then being injured, then resting from running and doing cross training instead.

Anyway – here is my half marathon (plus 10k?) training programme for the next 5 weeks before I jet off to Chicago for 2 weeks!

Link to excel document: HalfMarathon2011TrainingPlan

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