New 3000m Swim Sessions

I’ve created myself some new 3000m swim sessions.  🙂  They include a 1 mile time trial once every 6 weeks, and 10 sessions which I’ll do one after the other.

Since I’ve been going along to the pool with Fit Girl, I’ve found that I’m swimming for an hour.  And whilst the 2500m swim sessions are good if I want to swim for between 40-45 minutes, I’ve been rounding it up to about 3000m and finding it ok.  So I thought I’d make myself up a new 3000m swim session set!

3000m or 120 lengths is just right for me I think.  Pushes me but doesn’t kill or knacker me. 😀

I’ve printed them out and sealed them in a polly pocket ready for swimming tonight.  Oh, and I’ve remembered my costume today too. 😛

Here’s the 3000m swim sessions:

Now I can practice what Mark has suggested I practice. 🙂


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