Wk45 – 3000m swim and ‘Run Tomas Run’?

Tuesday night and I got picked up from work and taken to Bella pool. The plan was to do Swim Session 11, then run home, taking a long route of about 7 miles.

The swim went fine, I was concentrating on trying to improve my front crawl stroke again. And I have to say, it’s bloody hard trying to re teach yourself away from the habitual way you swim. But it’ll be worth it.

The idea is for me to enter my hand in a better position closer to my head, extend my arm reach further with my shoulder in a better, more streamlined position.  And to improve my arm catch, pull, push and recovery.

That’s right – there are FIVE parts to front crawl arms!

Reach – stretch your hand, arm and shoulder as far forward (and streamlined) as possible.

Catch – catch the water with your (closed) hand and forearm.

Pull – pull your arm down under your body in a sort of S shape. (S from the catch to the push).

Push – push your hand back past your hip and push the water as you go.

Recovery – bring your elbow high out of the water and let your arm drop back in gently (without a splash) entering at a 45′ angle just beside your head.

I know the ins and outs of it, I just need to work on it a little to improve my stroke. 🙂

Swim Session 11: 2300m, 40:39
200m FC
4 x 150m: 50m FC steady, 50m FC fast / Distance per stroke (16-17) / Build / 3-5-7-3 breathe.
800m: FC steady
5 x 100m: FC descend. (1:38 – 1:44)
200 FC arms swim down.

Then I swam:
250m FC arms (working on streamlining)
250m by 50m FC single arm / 50m FC swim
200m swim down.

3000m in total, in about 55 minutes. 🙂
After the swim the last thing I wanted to do was run, and I tried to get out of it.  But I was persuaded by Fit Girl to go and she’d have a pizza waiting for me when I got in just after 8. (I was going to be running for pizza lol).

The plan was 7.3 miles from Bella home through Shawlands. As soon as I started my legs felt very heavy (perhaps like I’d just swum 3km 😕 )

My ankles felt sore, then my shins, and I could hear my feet slapping on the pavement. I needed a pee and kept thinking of ways to cut the run short. Not a good start. 

I took my iPod out of one ear and listened to my slapping feet trying to reduce the slap and improve my foot strike. I tried to ease off a bit, but if I’m honest I only really started to get into the run after about 4 or 5 miles.


And as I was running down Pollokshaws Road I passed a guy who was getting an earful from his girlfriend. He decided he wanted to show off a bit and heckled me with what I thought was ‘Run Tomas Run’, but thinking about it, it was probably more likely ‘Run Forrest Run’. 😉  Everyone’s a comedian.

Maybe I was thinking of my special wee nephew Tomas who’s going to be 7 on Friday. 😉

I was running and now it was all downhill and I was about 15 minutes away from pizza!! So I pushed the last little bit and got home just under 55 minutes. I’d cut off a little loop I’d planned around Queens Park so that I got in when I said I would (just after 8).

It was a hard run and I kept telling myself it’ll be good to run when I’m tired and hungry. Endurance building or something??

Run: 6.5M, 55:18, Pace: 8:22, Calories: 500
Ave HR: 147 (77%), Max HR: 164 (88%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.5

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